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Back to seeing FC Barcelona on top of the standings again!

Posted by on October 21, 2018

I’ve gone to many FC Barcelona games now (especially like the El Clasico game) but it’s always a great time to go see the world’s best players. And best of all is that Messi continues to play at such a high level that it makes me wonder when he will start to decline as Father Time always taketh your abilities away unless you’re LeBron James then you might play forever. Maybe Messi does the same thing by a timeless wonder? Only the football gods will know those details and won’t share them with anyone, especially such mortals on this earth like us. Perhaps the ageless ones are the gods themselves disguised as mortals.

estacion de trenes barcelona train station underground metro railroad rail passenger transportation transporte de humanos personas

Another great day in Barcelona. This is a picture of the train station within the city. You don’t see the rail lines nor trains because it’s all underground. Smart, huh?


So I went to another FC Barcelona game because for me, it never gets old. Great weather, great food, great people, I can speak the language, understand the culture, and of course, the best football team out there. And the most exciting for me to watch. Every time I go to a FC Barcelona game, I learn something new because they make these great passes that I couldn’t even envision myself doing myself. This game was an important one because they struggled in the past 4-5 games mostly either getting ties or losses and it’s up against Sevilla FC, the top La Liga team at the time in terms of points. A victory over them would mean being back on top of the standings but a loss would shake their confidence going into the mid-week with Champions League and next weekend, another Clasico clash with Real Madrid.

calentarse warmup warming stretching football players futbolistas jugadores barca fc

The starters doing their usual warm-up routine before the start of the game.

Messi practice kick penalty goal practica marca marcar gol goles penalti

There’s a reason why you get to the stadium early – you can see the world’s best do amazing things. Most people were on their phones or something but they missed out on an amazing kick by Messi. He made a great curling shot in the upper right corner that even Barca’s goalie, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, couldn’t even reach it. Those who were watching were in awe.

It was a great game but the problem was Messi, the team’s best player and probably the best player in the world, got injured. It looked like he fell awkwardly and injured his arm or elbow. He tried to come back but instead went back into the locker room. The team had to suck that in the face and it was pretty somber at the time, but within a few minutes, they came roaring back to put the pressure on the visiting Sevilla team.

FC Barcelona jugando juega jugadores en accion spiel spielt playing in action la liga versus sevilla fc futbol

FC Barcelona on action. The team was able to add 2 more goals after Messi’s departure to eke out the win.

Croatian player Croatia Spanish La Liga futbol futbolista espanol espanola catalonia fc foot ball camp nou night la noche

After Luis Suarez scores a goal and Sevilla scores another one, Ivan Rakitic’s goal puts it out of reach for the visitors. Here’s a photo of the guys celebrating the rocket goal.

After trading goals, Ivan Rakitic puts Barcelona up 4-1. Despite Sevilla scoring a last minute goal, it was pretty much out of reach and Barcelona is back on top with a 4-2 victory! That’s why they are the best team in Europe! Despite Lionel Messi’s injury, the team has the depth to come back. Hopefully, someone within the team will pick up the pieces upon Messi’s absence.

Some people have asked what are some good things to know prior to going to a FC Barcelona game. Here what I think are good to know if you’re a novice/rookie:

-Check the schedule on when the game will set. All the football leagues in Europe are subject to changing their game times and dates due to having to play in numerous tournaments such as Europa League, Champions League, Super Cup, etc. Usually, games are set within 4-5 weeks before the game. Buy tickets ahead of time particularly if it’s against a popular team or it’s a cup game.

-If you’re in Barcelona a day or few days before the game, go to the FC Barcelona Museum which also includes a self-guided tour of the stadium. That way you can look around, get a feel for the team, and lastly, figure out where your seat might be. I did this just so I could understand the layout better. You should also figure out what your route for going to the stadium and back out as well.

-On game day, go to the stadium early so you can figure out where your seat is. Usually, you can enter the stadium 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. Some of the seats can be difficult to figure out because one side has all odd numbers and the other side is all even numbers. Also, going in early has its perks of seeing the players warm up and practice. If you want to see the team warm up, it’s best to get a seat on the southern part of the stadium.

-Bring a coat because you never know if it will get cold. I remember bringing a sweater which was a great idea because the wind started to come in. You might even want to bring a poncho or umbrella because it can rain.

-If you don’t know the players, at least know who number #10 is. And just watch him.

-Do not bring in alcohol nor smoke within Camp Nou. Security won’t let you bring in beer and if you do have tobacco on you, don’t anticipate on lighting one up because the people around you will REPORT you.

-Don’t wear opposing team colors or jerseys or none of that stuff even if you’re a fan of the other team. I’ve heard of people getting into fights with the local fans and it might not happen in the stadium but outside of it. Some Chelsea FC fans found that out.

-Learn Spanish. You don’t have to know Catalan, but so many tourists go to Barcelona without knowing any words of Spanish. They will work with you if it’s just all English but you probably won’t get far.

-Depending on where you are staying in Barcelona, you might consider getting a coffee or tea or even some tapas after the game. The metro is completely packed as massive crowds of upwards of 80,000+ people generally leave the stadium at the game’s end. If you wait an hour or so, normalization sets back in and it isn’t packed sardines on a train anymore. Traveling on the metro and you didn’t buy a ticket can be a real bad time. It’s just going to super crowded. Better to get the 2-day or 3-day all travel pass.

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