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Monaco – The rich and the famous Monte Carlo Casino

Posted by on October 29, 2018

Well, there is one place that became very famous due to the James Bond movies and it’s Monaco. Yes, it is its very own country despite being one of the smallest countries in the world. One of the great things about being in Nice, the French Riviera, is the chance to go to Monaco which is not very far at all. As a matter of fact, even people from Italy (not far away either) travel to Monaco in order to work for one of the richest countries in the world. Can’t just have a bunch of rich people doing nothing while there’s no one to do the manual labor, right? Exactly, that’s why Monaco has to bring in workers from the surrounding areas which is probably one of the nice things about the place.


rich people marina monaco duchy mountains sea europe small country pais pequeno país pequeño monaquese lands near france côté de France tourism

The marina port of Monaco, where extremely rich people come cruising in with their huge boats and yachts and whatever else their money can buy them.

Le Palais des Princes de Monaco royal family capital famous house home palacio rey principe reina princesa

So this is where the Prince of Monaco lives with his family. Right on the top of the hill with guards providing security. What’s funny is that one of Monaco’s high schools is right down the street from this palace.

submarino submarina amarilla amarillo explorar explorando explorer in history underwater vehicle

So I saw this yellow submarine wondering if it had anything to do with the famous Beatles song but it actually does not. In fact, an explorer by the name of Jacques Cousteau used this submarine to go exploring. If you look closely, someone did write some words about the Beatles’s song.

famous formula one race prestigious famous racing conductor conducir carrera famosa del mundo europa

When I went to Monaco, preparations were being made to get ready for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Race, giving locals and tourists a chance to drive on the same course as the professional Formula 1 drivers. Of course, you can’t go MACH 3 on the roads, but it’s fun to say that you did it.

fans formula 1 stands seats expensive automobile race

If you look closely, the Grand Prix stands (the ones in blue) and trophy presentation stand (hidden in this picture) are being set up.

And how can one go to Monaco and not do any kind of gambling? Especially at the world famous Monte Carlo Casino!

casino apostar jugador con dinero rich ricos jugando plata argent Geld spielen in Monaco principality

So as you drive up on the hill, you’ll see the world famous Monte Carlo Casino even though it’s just the side of it. Not the front, yet. The road that I was on is also part of the Monaco Grand Prix race course. And yes, they have barriers up to prevent any auto accidents into the casino itself.

entrada del casino puerta eingehen l'entrance casino betting gambling money

So this the entrance of Monte Carlo. It’s not that elaborate as it might seem in movies but I have seen some very pricey cars parked outside such as a Lamborghini.

In order to enter the Monte Carlo Casino’s gambling tables, you must provide some identification and pay some money to get in. There are several reasons for this as it’s a security measure to prevent weirdos or criminals from coming in to do bad stuff. But charging people is a tactic to push the tourist crowd out of there because inside the casino is just amazing. Just look at the ceiling, the paintings, and even the bathrooms were elaborate! I do have to appreciate while there were lots of tourists outside of the casino, there were very few inside of it. Only the hardcore gamblers who wanted to actually play to win (or lose) money.

casino chips beer monacan booze fun gambling making money game theory minds winning ganar dinero Bier cerveza biere bière

So I played the Black Jack table and won some money! In gambling, you want to have a set amount of money that you’re willing to win and lose. So if you hit that limit, you have to quit. I actually had a higher limit but after finding out that I couldn’t go up or down, I decided to call it quits because in the end, the HOUSE always wins. And also, I paid to get into this casino! So I might as well get my entrance fee refunded to me, get myself a drink (“Not shaken nor stirred – just give me the damn bottle!”), and extra money in my pocket when I leave!

Some advice about Monaco which is taking note when the Grand Prix takes place there every May. The race course goes through the city/country and the place is extremely expensive (particularly hotels!) because many people go there to go watch the race. So if you’re going to visit the country, make sure you do it when it’s not Grand Prix time! Otherwise, you’ll be paying a lot of money especially if you get a hotel room with a view of the race. Another thing to note is surprisingly, the people don’t speak English that well. It’s almost all French unless you meet an Italian who is likely working there. I had no problems utilizing my French language skills but it’s something to take note of.

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