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Poznan – an underrated city in Poland

Posted by on November 7, 2018

The city of Poznan… likely to be completely unknown to the common tourist/traveler since they probably think of Poland and the first cities that come to mind are Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, etc. Auschwitz Prison is probably another possibility as well. However, Poznan is one of Poland’s oldest cities and used to change hands frequently in history between various smaller countries back then. Nowadays, it’s one of Poland’s bigger cities where commerce, education, and many fairs take place in. So it’s been having a cultural revival in that city in addition to the old parts of the city which still remain such as the churches, buildings, and old town square.

square poznan poland polish college campus university

This here is Adam Mickiewicz Square which is between the Adam Mickiewicz University and the Imperial Castle which featured in this picture.

Poznań 1956 uprising, Poznań June or Polish Revolution of 1956

While at the square, you can see the crosses in the background which are the Crosses Commemorating The 1956 Protests. This was the result of people holding massive strikes throughout Poland against the communist government since Stalin passed away and revolts started to fest with his absence.

poznan church train tram public transportation transporte

You can see the mix of the old and new in Poznan as tram cars operate near churches like this one.

Poznan Catholic Church red white rojo blanco iglesia colores

Here’s the Poznan Catholic Church, probably the most decorative and colorful of them all.

old town square city poznan poland la plaza

It’s kind of odd, but at first glance, the old square doesn’t look like much…

polish plaza with church in middle mitte kirche religion order plaza

Once you’re in the Old Town Square (Stary Rynek), you can see old buildings (some which have great restaurants!) which surround this church in the middle.

One interesting thing that happened when I was there which was a fire broke out in one of the buildings in Stary Rynek which is in the old town square. The building’s open windows were smoking in black fumes heavily and I also  remember the firefighters got there promptly while one guy showed up tried to force his way into the building. I presumed that guy was the owner of the building and very upset that his building and all the possessions inside were either on fire or damaged or would be damaged by smoke, fire, or water that going to be sprayed in there. Outside of that fire, the food is great in this city due to all these restaurants competing for tourist and local money. So if there are no fires during your visit, then go to the restaurants at least!

fire at old building of Stary Rynek fuego flame old town square

FIRE! The firefighters showed up to save the day considering the buildings are basically right next to each other so putting them is highly required so the blaze does not spread.

periodistas en la accion journalist news reporters camera cameraman poland polish polaco

Even the news crews were out to tape something for its evening news in a sleepy town like this.

bomberos fire fighters department hose water manguera agua

The ladder is up and firefighters were spraying to control the fire and prevent further damage.

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