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Wroclaw, former capital of the defunct kingdom of Silesia

Posted by on November 9, 2018

Wroclaw, pronounced “Vrotswaf” is a fairly big city in Poland with a lot of history as it used to be the capital of Silesia, an old country which changed hands with many countries/empires such as the Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia, and even Germany which saw its name changed, probably for easier pronunciation, “Breslau.” The city had a significant German/Austrian population but however, after World War II, the majority of the German-speakers were forced out leaving it mostly Polish, despite its history (and architecture) having deep German, Austrian, Bohemian (Czech), and even some Soviet influences.

Old town hall built from the 13th to 16th centuries, now housing the Museum of Bourgeois Art Muzeum Sztuki Mieszczańskej Stary Ratusz

At the old town square, there is a building that stands out which used to be the old town hall but now, it’s being as a local museum.

 Market Square Rynek we Wrocławiu wroclaw silesia

Plenty of things to see and much more to eat!

Katedra Kościoła Polskokatolickiego pw św. Marii Magdaleny

There is a grand catholic cathedral in the area and it just sticks out at you.

The place looks more colorful during the day due to all the artistic colors used on the buildings that give it a more lively appearance but night time is also a nice time to check out the city with all of its bars and restaurants offering delectable delights of the Polish cuisine or even imported ones or perhaps a fusion of Polish and international foods.

old town square stary rynek wroclaw

It’s definitely a different look during the night compared to the day.

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