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While traveling, maintain your strength!

Posted by on November 11, 2018

People have asked me how do I maintain my strength and ability to fish, hunt, hike, scuba dive, work out, play sports, etc. as I’m traveling? It’s not hard but it requires discipline of having a regular workout, sleep, and meal schedule. So while I was traveling in Poland, I made sure to go find a gym or book a hotel that had a gym as well as find great food to eat but at the same time eat proportionally so as to not turn into raging hungry pig mode and eat too much to where I can’t workout because I am too full.

Polish ribs

Looks good doesn’t it? Tasty polish ribs where the meat comes easily off the bone.

pato carne Ente bueno tasty duck meat poland cuisine

Potatoes, salad, and duck meat cut into medallions. I couldn’t even tell if the duck was wild or farm-raised because it was cooked that well.

Polish sirloin steak meat done well bisteck cut food meats

Looks like a volcano, doesn’t it? It’s actually mushrooms on top of a sirloin steak that is on top of greens and mashed potatoes.

pescado lago agua dulce pez peces carne polonia cena almuerzo comida polaca polaco polish meal food

I’ve caught Zander in England before but I never ate any of them as I practiced catch-and-release on them. But this Zander was local and it was cooked well and served with an egg tortilla and greens. But the key is that I ate enough (not too little and not too much) to fuel my workouts.

So you need to set yourself through your own personal method of motivation that you WILL maintain discipline in your own life for YOUR own benefit. You have to remember that no one will do it for you. You have to do it for yourself! I mean, if you think about it: What is the standard operation procedure for anything? Especially when you are traveling? Do nothing. So it’s best to break down that invisible wall and not eat stupid or inject stupid into you. Unless you don’t care and you plan on guzzling down all the food and booze that you can get your hands on.

There is nothing wrong with that but however, I don’t have any plans on being a regular consuming tourist. For me, I have goals, a life mission to execute upon and accomplish rather than go through way wanderlessly with no aim or end goal in sight. So that’s why it’s best to have goals and write them down so that way you know what you are going for. For example, I’m big on fishing so I make sure that I workout so that I can fight, reel in, and catch fish much better than other people. I’ve seen other people lose fish because they were not physically strong enough to handle the extra girth and ferocity of a bigger fish which might have been a once-in-lifetime monster! That’s why when that shark in Spain took my bait, I was ready for it. And landed it!

So it’s imperative to understand that if you really want it, then you have to force yourself to get better.

old feudal lord home now hotel renovated present nice simpatico bonito hotel en el campo de Polonia

While going through Poland, I stayed at this nice old estate hotel which probably belonged to a Polish feudal lord. The owner converted the stables into hotel buildings and completely renovated the main building to make it really nice.

gimnasio Fitnessstudio im Polen gym in Poland polonia pequeno en el campo

One of the stables was converted into a physical training/recovery building where there was a swimming pool, sauna, massage therapy room, manicure room, and of course, a gym. I only used the gym as it wasn’t the best in the world but at the same time, not the worst in the world. The key, however, was using the gym to maintain myself rather than do the standard procedure of “letting myself go.” I can eat the great meals in moderation and then workout to burn the calories.

Get fat and lazy? Me? No.

I got plans to catch more fish and hunt more and scuba dive more and whatever else out there that I must do. You must be a rationalization fly that thinks, “Do I land on poop? Or do I work harder to land on my goals?”

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