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Fly-fishing during the autumn of England

Posted by on November 12, 2018

Well, it’s time for round 3 of fishing in England with this time frame being in the fall where the temperatures have dropped, the sun sets earlier (less sun light as well), and the fishing conditions have changed quite a bit. I could definitely see and feel the difference compared to the summer time when it was a lot brighter, warmer, and longer sunny days. I already knew that it was going to be a tougher “fish, hook, land” challenge this time around. But you never know with fishing as I could land a supreme monster-sized fish and even then I’ve been maintaining my body through my workouts so I will be ready should I win the world-envious-sized-ogre-of-a-fish lottery for a chance to fight and land it.

But autumn presents a different situation, a different challenge, as it’s colder and the days are shorter with the sun setting earlier in the day rather than later unlike in the summer where it seems all days in June, July, and August are just sunny-side up long. That’s why I wanted to see if I could fish it up like it were summertime because autumn is the best time for fishing (especially in Mexico for big game fish) and hunting (most hunting seasons occur during this time). The targeted fish species for this trip was brown trout, preferably a big one because I’ve came up blanks during last trip to England as well as in Scotland and only caught tiny ones in Iceland. So it was time for a biggun’, a big brown trout. Anything else big would be acceptable as well.

I would have to say the fishing was a lot harder and requires more patience. I actually had two huge brown trout but I lost both of them! The first big brown trout came in the beginning of the day, on my 5th cast, and bam! I got a hit! A big bite, grab, and take off. Unfortunately, after seeing a huge tail on that big one, he somehow came off of the fly after a 2 minute fight and took off. I wondered if I had a 10+ lb brown trout on there….

And of course, trout lightning hits twice as I lost another one. Not that big but about 4-5 pounds. And I lost another one. And then I lost another huge again, another possibly 10+ pound brown trout. That’s the kind of stuff that creates nightmares for fishermen especially after getting by brown trout thunder and lightning 4 times! But that’s where patience and continued determination come into play because on my fifth trout, I finally hooked up and landed it! It wasn’t a big one but still, it’s a nice consolation prize to get a 4, 5 pound brown trout and officially lay hands on an English Brown Trout and say that I caught one outside of the US and one biggun’ in Europe!

brown trout 4 5 pounds libras lbs fly fishing cold weather sunny cloudy hard difficult

My guide, Thomas, helps me un-hook the Brown Trout by playing his secondary role as a fish dentist. My first Brown Trout in England!

gold spotted brown trout English fishing tourism reservoir lake fresh water agua dulce pesca

My first brown in England! A lot of gold on this one.

release catch atrapar liberar librar pez peces fishing angeln UK

A quick picture before I release it back to the water. Brown trout are usually released, not eaten in England.

reviving revive survive trout catch release trout fish again

Sometimes these fish need help getting some oxygen back in their systems otherwise they float and die. Whitewater works best on reviving them.

After a quick drink and food, I went back at it again. And bam! I hooked another one! This one had more energy as it actually took some of my reel line out since it was fighting like crazy as it had jet fuel in its veins. But I wasn’t giving this one away and reeled in my second trout of the day.

brown trout silver plata color gris grey trucha la pesca con la mosca

My second brown trout of the day! This was one was a little bigger and had a more silver color to it.

release brown trouts fish fishies hatchery tourism nature water lake london

The fly came off easily so thank god we had the net otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten pictures of this one. This brown trout had no problems with reviving as it just blasted out of the gates like a rocket.

The rest of the day was difficult as I did get more bites and a few small Perchies to get them hooked and a few were actually landed, it was still a great day. I admit that it was cold and wet as the rains came in pouring all over me, but I still hung in there. I will have to return to catch a much bigger brown trout some day. Not sure when that will happen, but hopefully soon!