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Versailles, where French Emperors resided in luxury until the French Revolution took it all away

Posted by on November 16, 2018

Versailles, the royal residence of the French Emperor and probably even considered the capital of the once powerful French Empire that imposed power throughout Europe under the the Sun King, Louis XIV, until its gradual decline in power in the late 1700s during the French Revolution. Due to the Sun King’s long reign, France was able to consolidate its power and riches within the country unlike other countries where they lost territory such as Spain losing the Spanish Netherlands and eventually Naples and Sicily.

Versailles Palace courtyard plaza front frente francais franceses frances palacio de francia roi reina

The Versailles Palace courtyard… I can only imagine what a sight it must have been when grand parties were held at the palace and so many people attending to meet ministers, rich people, and of course, the French Royal Family.

palace front frente cara del palacio reyes reinas principe princesa de francia tourismo tourism tourists travelers history

If you were invited to show up to one of the parties at Versailles and it was your first time, it must have been quite a sight to see the front part of the building, this grand palace.


Due to these events by the French Monarchs, they were able to concentrate vast sums of money to keep the Palace of Versailles well-maintained and well decorated over time to where it basically became the seat of royal power. If you wanted to do business with the French king and/or queen, you had to travel to Versailles, not Paris, in order to communicate with the royals there. It was serious business at Versailles Palace, that dignities were very impressed upon arrival with complete amazement that France was that rich and that powerful to have such a great palace to impress outsiders. Even the personnel working with the Palace was serious business that I’ve even heard of stories where French ministers would fight over who got to help the King put on his robe when he woke up.

Touring the Versailles Palace is quite an affair as it’s not only the palace within but also the gardens outside. Everything was built with decoration and amazement in mind.

estatua statue of kings royalty french emperor white blanco blanc roi

This is one of the many art pieces in the Versailles Palace as this one represented a French King in its past.

hallway of paintings pinturas pintar corredor hall

Imagine being in the past and you walked the halls, seeing all these countless paintings of historical significance. It must have left a huge imprint on that person’s mind once he left the palace.

ceiling painting artwork obras de arte amazing supreme art

And then imagine walking down the halls and looking up at the ceiling and seeing that even the top has been decorated to very high standards!

Decorated Hallway france european europe royal palace

Certain hallways are even more amazing as it was intended to impress foreign dignitaries that France was this powerful, this strong, this rich, and this classy that the French King lived there in luxury.

Even though Versailles lost its importance after the French Revolution where the locals sold off or transferred the contents to other places, people still knew of the place and its history. Even Napoleon I thought about making Versailles his residence but its high cost of renovation and the fact that it would probably invoke the local people’s wrath due to the lavishness of past French royals made him think twice. Over time, despite the one time the place became more of a museum to house French artifacts and paintings which still remain in the Palace to this day.

gardens versailles palace grounds greens lawn back part

Even the back part of the Palace grounds are simply amazing. I can’t imagine what its heyday looked like when it probably had hundreds of gardeners taking care of the plants growing there. Might have been millions of flowers there.

versailles gardens party fiesta

Another section of the gardens. Must have been amazing even when parties were held there as well.

I think it’s still worth going to this place so you can see the splendor of the once-mighty French Empire before the French Revolution and Napoleon’s reign and eventual conversion into a tourist site/museum.