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Drinkable items to buy in Slovenia

Posted by on October 29, 2020

I’m still reeling from the emptiness of leaving Slovenia due to a certain fish that I was not able to reel in and catch. I should think more positively as I’ve had a great past year of fishing and scuba diving not to mention more things to do before the end of the year so it’s already been an excellent year and more than a month more to go.

Before I left Slovenia, I checked out some of the stores to see what they had and of course, the items on the “able to drink” list had some handy coffee and wine for the taking.

fruit wine cherry blueberry alcohol slovenia wino vino fruta exotico exotic

While looking at the bottle, I could see actual fruit in the bottom of the bottle which I assume gives it a much better flavor.

slovenia coffee cafe kaffee drink trinkt black java juice cup of joe

I had to buy a few bags of Slovenian coffee since it was different and as gifts, how many people can say that they’ve received coffee from Slovenia???

I think these would make great gifts so I’m sure I’ll build some karma with someone with these items which hopefully, in the future is enough to build enough karma to be cashed in for a big fish somewhere, someplace… specific in mind.

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