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Deer Hunting in upstate New York

Posted by on December 4, 2018

It’s fall and nearing winter meaning that prime deer hunting season has arrived so it’s possible that the rut is on and the winter chills and winds have started to breeze its way forcibly into the forests to get these furry critters to come out and feed some more. That means that I’ll actually get a chance to pull the trigger on a decent-sized deer as long as I compensate for distance and wind, keep my breathing regular, and have good form on my trigger pull. Did I mention that it’s friggin’ cold during the end of hunting season so to where my breath exits as steam and the wind gusts can push my bullet off? Yeah, it’s that much more difficult sitting in a tree stand with the wind blowing right at your face and you definitely don’t want the opposite because that would mean the deer can smell you and freak out and run for it. It’s not like shooting at paper targets at the shooting range like it was in Ukraine.

spiker buck young small deer venison venado mammal furry

There was a lone spiker buck which was probably a little over a year old meaning not as big as I would like it to be in order to shoot it. He eventually took off after getting a nice breeze whiff of me due to my scent blowing in the wind.

After all that fishing in England and fishing in Slovenia, my senses had to revert into hunting mode by keeping my eyes out on motion detector watch for any deer that would come into range of my rifle’s ballistic force aka death by bullet. Instead of seeking out the fishes out on a boat, this would require staying in one spot motionlessly so the deer are not so ghost-spooked by any movement of a possible predator. Deer are pretty fincky creatures and will dart into the woods at anything that gives them any kind of stress or uncomfortable feeling via smell or vision. Even a human fart in the wind will make them flee! Like a damn scared cat, deer will make that mad rocket dash without hesitation… which all of these senses particularly sight, smell, and hearing have done them well in surviving centuries and centuries of hunters and predators. None of them drink the stupid juice like a lot of humans do so it’s imperative to become smarter than the deer in order to get a good shot off.

Unfortunately, hunting is hunting. You are not always successful at hunting. Same goes with fishing. You have to be at the right place at the right time and be ready to pull the trigger or set the hook right. But as I always said that it’s best to fail forward and don’t get too discouraged from getting a blank. There are always more and more fish and animals out there. I can’t be an overnight success like I did with my Elk hunting, Mule deer hunting, pig hunting in California nor like my past whitetail deer hunting. The same applies with fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in Mexico, Sailfish in Costa Rica, Thresher Shark in Spain, Peacock Bass in Panama, etc. I just have to enjoy the moment and move forward.

turkeys pavo pavos group hens toms eating meat food foraging looking for food buscar encontrar comida

As in hunting, you are always accompanied by other wildlife out there. Unfortunately, Turkey season was not in session nor would I have the right firearm anyways. And the worst part was that no big deer were around at the time.

hens female turkeys feminine feminina birds pajaros aves

These 2 turkey hens came up REAL close to the deer blind. Too bad it wasn’t turkey season and I didn’t have my shotgun with turkey shell loads inside.

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