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Redemption with a Lingcod while fishing in California

Posted by on December 6, 2018

Winter fishing can be very difficult fishing especially in California where the water comes in from the north, Alaska, which means cold water coming down. But that also means that there can be some big fish as well particularly bigger rockfish, lingcod, and even some halibuts that can be had. Depending on finger and hand muscle memory and fishing experience and skill (and probably some luck as well!), fishermen can catch a fairly decent-sized fish during the winter.

However, on this case, it was fairly difficult fishing at first in the morning as I got a few bites here and there while landing a few decent-sized rockfish for the beginning part of the morning. The fishing got progressively better as more and more smaller rockfish were getting caught which was basically bait. And then the amazing part happened – my bait and hook was swallowed big-time which at first, made me think that I hooked the bottom. Instead, the line was fighting back fiercely so I knew that I didn’t have a “bottom fish” but instead, a live one, a bigger one compared to these rockfish! So it’s kind of a nice consolation prize for not fishing so well in Slovenia just a few weeks back!

lingcod 14 pounds lbs 6 7 kilograms kgs ling pacific seafish fish fisch pez rockfish

After about 1-2 minutes of fighting and reeling, I ended up with a nice big lingcod! The biggest lingcod of my life! 14 pounds of flesh and meat!

lingcod taking all hooks baits sinker weight large mouth boca grande pez del mar

This fearsome 14 pounder lingcod took both of my hooks and the sinker! So there was no way that I was going to lose this fish!

lingcod limit of rockfish california pacific ocean fishing la pesca en californie

A great day of catching 10 rockfish limit and one big lingcod! A huge turnaround from the zeros that I got from Slovenia.

And of course, after a great day of fishing requires a full stomach to ease those growling noises of hunger. So it was time for some seafood starting off with a bowl of clam chowder.

clam chowder soup sopa soupe stew essen mariscos seafood white blanco

Gotta love the clam chowder at the nearby restaurant after a long good day of fishing.

seafood platter varios variety various more fish chips

A good ol’ seafood platter of various items – fish, shrimp, calamari, and chips.

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