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Continuing the redemption path with another great day in California with fishing and crabbing

Posted by on December 8, 2018

So the second great day follows a first great day after catching a big 14 pound Lingcod. This time it was on another fishing boat but going to a different location. The results, while different, were still spectacular as on this day, I limited out on rockfish (10 rockfish limit in California per day) quicker than the previous day. However, I didn’t get any lingcods but instead, this fishing trip was a little different as it was a fishing/crabbing combo trip. So after getting a limit of rockfish (at one point, I had 8 rockfish in the bag while others didn’t even have one fish!), I just stopped and watched everyone fish. I didn’t feel like jumping into the mass of entanglements happening with people being crossed over each other’s lines so I just lounge around by going to the bathroom, get something to eat, drink something, sit here, stand there, etc.

golden gate bridge red color puente rojo san francisco famous famoso water bay area

One of the best things about fishing on a boat is going around and seeing things from a different perspective. Not many people get to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the west – from the ocean-side of things. Also, do I look in this picture? Of course I do! I’m wearing 4 layers of clothing!

water under the bridge golden gate bridge puente california

An even better, unusual view of the things! Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from under it!

After some time to where everyone else got their limits of rockfish, the crew and passengers were en-route to go fetch the crab pots to collect the dungeness crab to see if everyone would get their limits (2018 California daily limit of Dungeness Crab is 10/person). Well, after some time of collecting and retrieving the crab traps, the limit was achieved! And the late-November, early-December timeframe is one of the best times to go crabbing as the commercial fishermen have not yet started so this means that everyone will likely get their limits. I was talking to the boat captain and he said that they will collect up to 1,000 crabs – sometimes all of that within a week! That’s a lot of crab! I have to say that it’s a lot more different collecting crabs from the pots rather than buying them from the fishing boat.

dungeness crab pot trap retrieving collecting pulling checking cangrejo pacifico mar california la pesca

The deckhands handle the crab pots to check the crabs to make sure that they are male and are of size.

dungeness crab bag limit fishing crabbing netting pack california san francisco emeryville berkeley bay area

Here’s my bag of Dungeness Crab! 10 of them! I remember a few years back when the limit was 5 crab per person. A huge change from then.