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It’s the New Year and my first fish of the year 2019

Posted by on January 1, 2019

It’s the New Year in 2019 and it’s time to cherish the first fish of 2019! All the fish that I caught last year is all in the past so it’s time to look towards the present and future. So why not start with today, the first of January 2019, to get the fishing party started. Any adventure must start somewhere so I might as well commence the raid on boredom and mediocrity… immediately. Sound the alarm! We’re on the offensive! Attack, attack, attack!

With the first day of this calendar year of 2019 started, it was off to another pond where supposedly there were some big trout to be had, brown and rainbow trout. But whether I could catch them or not would be the interesting part because generally the browns and giant rainbow trout are extremely difficult to catch because they have been made smart by various other anglers in the past meaning all those other fishermen have practiced catch and release so these trout know what to expect.

casting at fishing trout hatchery pond lake

Me casting at the pond which was pretty deep surprisingly.

After having a quick bite by a trout, the fishing gods have shone the light upon me again for this year. I caught a decent sized rainbow trout. A great start for this year!

hooked into fish fighting rainbow trout

This first rainbow trout caught me by surprise but I able to set the hook and fight it.

netting fish la red enredar el pez

After a few minutes, I pulled out the net to finally end the fight before I lose the fish to the depths of the no return.

rainbow trout 2 dos libras pounds pfund

First fish of 2019 that was caught – a rainbow trout, about 2 lb. A good start for this year.

The rest of the day was difficult to say the least as I had several more bites but I was not able to set a good hook on them. And as the day turned darker and darker as well as colder and colder, I lost hope in limiting out my rainbow trout allotment – at this pond there is a 2 trout take limit if only fishing 4 hours. However, on the LAST cast, out of nowhere, one rainbow trout took my sinking fly and I immediately set the hook. After a few minutes, I pulled out the net to land the final fish on the final cast. I’ve had last casts produce fish but seldom do the fishing gods ever listen to me but this time around, I got a gift even if the rainbow trout is a small one. A fish is still a fish!

2 rainbow trout for the day limit

2 trout landed for the day! I think I did well fishing just 4 hours on this day especially compared to the previous day’s results of many small fingerlings and one big brown trout!

2 rainbow trout trucha en inglaterra la pesca

My 2 rainbow trout for the day!

With the year of 2018 behind me, it’s off to a semi-blank slate even though I can’t seem to rub all the previous achievements and failures out. Some of the memories are still fresh, particularly the major ones. The Thresher Shark catch, the Mule Deer hunt, the Elk hunt, the big Lingcod, the Tuna catches are some examples that don’t want to come out even after all these years or even last year. Oh well, it’s alright since they are good reminders of what hard work, skill, luck, and taking calculated risks will result into: great memories for life and even after death. It’s a new year so it’s time to make new memories in order to add to my collection of an already-growing adventure list. Hope the rest of 2019 follow suit to what it was like today!