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Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums in Stuttgart, Germany

Posted by on January 9, 2019

I didn’t get a chance to write about the great car museums in Stuttgart because I was more focused on the VfB Stuttgart vs FC Schalke game as well as the other sporting events and fishing days that were happening about the same time. That’s why I thought now would be a good time to write about the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Car Museums which are both pretty close to each other as well to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, home of VfB Stuttgart. So unlike some cities such as Hanover, Kaiserslautern, or Augsburg where they don’t have much to offer in terms of visiting it other than a football game, Stuttgart has more. Like Ingolstadt and Munich having both a football club and a car museum, Stuttgart has TWO car museums! And they are within short driving distances of each other.

I’ll start off with the Mercedes-Benz Museum which is shaped like in this weird circular, oval shape so when people show up, they gradually go downwards so they can see the change in their vehicles as time went on. From the first simple cars to classical cars to eventually the modern day powerhouse, technological advanced automobiles that they are today. That was the intention of how Mercedes-Benz wanted to show their history. The museum also has a few oddball vehicles as well which make it neat.

old time beginning car 1800s simple easy foundations of a new automobile german

One of the more oddball cars in the museum which was this very old Mercedes-Benz car. But hey, you have to start somewhere and that car represented the beginnings of a future billion dollar car brand.

mercedes benz museum musee museo autos carros mobiles classical cool cars

Mercedes-Benz had a bunch of old timer classical cars which all of them were cleaned up, refurbished, and could also drive out onto the streets with minor issues.

pope car automobile bodyguard vehicle guardaespaldas de papa

Another oddball vehicle which this is the Pope Mobile. Designed to showcase the Pope to the public as he would be driven through the streets to be paraded to the public but at the same time, the Pope was protected by this bulletproof glass.

race cars track german auto ways racing

A re-creation of a track race with all Mercedes-Benz cars.

Lastly, the other famous car museum is the Porsche Museum. The museum itself is this future white building that just sticks out which I cannot explain it. But the intention of the museum is for the guests to come in and walk in a circular motion to see the variety of cars there, almost like the Porsche Museum to tell the story. The major difference is that I found the Porsche museum to be the more attractive one over the Mercedes-Benz due to the sheer volume of race cars as Porsche is a pretty famous brand in the racing world. Some of the world champion drivers had their cars on open display in the Porsche museum.

old porsche racer racing car 1800s early 1900s

Don’t laugh but this is a valuable Porsche Lascha. It was actually used in races way back then.

Another well-maintained classical Porsche on display.

silver open carriage porsche

This is a Porsche 718 racecar. I’m not sure if this used to belong to a world champion or not.

racing porsche with advertisements well maintained valuable museum

You can see an open area of nothing but amazing Porsche cars on display.

silver blue race car Porshe german auto

I’m not sure if this was actual race car or a prototype Porsche race car.

4x4 all wheel drive Porsche

Porsche even got into the off-road racing scene which I was not aware of.

posing with the porsche open top car

I got my picture taken pretending that I owned this pricey black-colored, brand new Porsche.

So, there you have it. Germany’s famous car brands and automobile culture lies in these 4 museums:

Audi in Ingolstadt
BMW in Munich
Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart
Porsche in Stuttgart

I advise people to take their time in seeing these museums in southern Germany because going to all 4 in one day is a very hard thing to do because of the distances between the western two museums and the eastern two museums. Best recommendation that I can give is to spend some luxury time enjoying some time in both places particularly the football games and other tourist attractions in-between that will make it more pleasurable than trying to rush it all in one go.

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