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Canary Islands diving day #1

Posted by on January 19, 2019

Due to the heavy dosage amount of tourists, great climate, and many places to go diving, one might need years in order to go diving in every spot in the Canaries. And of course, weather and water conditions change over the year so certain dive spots might look differently as well particularly in the animal migration schedule. The one great thing about going in the winter time is the lack of tourists wanting to scuba dive which is also a great reason since they are only in the Canary Islands to sun bathe. Well… that and get drunk which reminded me of being in Hurgada, Egypt with the hordes of European tourists trampling down at the resort hotels guzzling alcohol in the Egyptian sun by the pool or the beach. Nope, not during this time in the Canaries!

And yes, that’s a good thing for me because my efforts and time shall be spent economically out on the water and in the water for the scuba diving experience since most people do not scuba dive at all. Not way to get off the beaten-down tourist paths. I was told that the water in the Canaries can be unpredictable since the water temperature is generally warmed by the Gulf Stream and waters coming from warm Africa but it’s always that chilling water coming down from the cold wintery Arctic of the north especially during the winter. That’s what causes the water temperature to drop so it can be cold diving instead of warm water diving like I encountered in Spain and France. But even cold water will not deter me from accomplishing one of my goals of scuba diving the Canaries so off I go!

The first day of scuba diving began with the usual sizing up equipment, loading up, and then off to the dive spot. I was with some other divers whom happen to be beginners and they were not in thrillsville about being at rough water shore dive. I didn’t think much of it because I’ve been through far worse.

shore beach dive rough wavy conditions slippery wet waves ocean atlantic spain canary islands diving buceo bucear

It looked rough but I’ve done worse so it wasn’t a bother. I think the other divers were thinking that there would be a pier and ladder to get down/up. Haha. Not likely that mother nature gives you something like that. It’s more like humans have to build the place up.

After some deliberation, the others decided to go ahead and do the dive which I think was to the relief of the divemaster because he looked at me and my dive partner and we just gave that, “Meh. Whatever. Let’s dive!” And once everyone was in the water, I think everyone’s scuba diving training took over and we were off to go see some amazing things down there.

blue coral reef fish swimming in Canaries Islands gran canaria Spanish diving buceo agua

The Canary Islands don’t have a lot of coral in its water probably due to the centuries and centuries of humanity living there trying to make a living or even survive through fishing and collecting crabs, snails, etc.

sea urchin over harvested minimal sea life ocean waters atlantic islands near africa

I saw this blue-black sea urchin trying to hide itself in a hole. There weren’t a lot of sea urchins down there which made my hypothesis correct that people over-harvested the nearby waters.

needlefish long stick-like fish long body

In Mexico, Needlefish are a pest because they take your sardine baitfish instead of letting the intended gamefish take them. But here, it’s an interesting sight to see them down there.

arena pez plano flatfish flounder camo camoflauge hidden during scuba diving

Due to my hunting and fishing skills and experience, I spotted this flatfish and started to have some fun chasing it. Most of the diving group didn’t even see this fish except the others who recognized that I was following something on the ocean sands.

The second dive was a little more productive for the other divers because they were not used to looking around carefully. I saw them all and a few others that they missed including some massive fish that I would have loved to have on a hook, line, rod, and reel.

sea slug nudibranch atlantic ocean saltwater spain

It was interesting to see this Nudibranch out on the sands which makes me think that it got separated from the rocks.

christmas tree under water arbol de navidad debajo del agua Christbaum unter dem Wasser tanks tanques Gran Canary Island

Yep, that is a Christmas tree and scuba tanks. I think the scuba tanks represent crosses meaning that two people died scuba diving. Not sure unless they are simply decorations for scuba divers coming around underwater in that area.

great view from a cave underwater

Big fish and small fish at the entrance of a very small cave.

proof evidence that I was underwater in Gran Canaria Canary Islands Las Palmas

My proof that I did scuba diving in the Canary Islands!

I have to admit that it was cold but I think I was more cold from the blistering winds that were blowing at me once I was out of the water that chilled me more. Sure, the water temperature was warmer and better compared to chilly Iceland’s diving waters, but you have to wear a thick wetsuit. Maybe it might be a different story in the winter but hey, it’s diving.

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