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Canary Islands diving day #2

Posted by on January 20, 2019

Same diving outfit, different diving day, different diving location. I was hoping that the water temperature and weather conditions would actually be warmer than the previous day which was cold and windy. Water temperature makes all the difference in the world for diving as does the waves caused by winds. But of course, even if there were bad diving conditions, it would not be an issue with a good dive operator because otherwise the people would start heaving their breakfast overboard.

Unfortunately, the waves and winds didn’t subside from yesterday so the dive operator had to go to a regular shore dive since boats would not be able to operate well out on open water. To me, it was alright since that meant that we had to drive to another part of the island which I had not yet seen even though I was hoping to go on a boat so we could have gone and done a wreck diving. But alas, the weather and waves were not cooperating so off to a different section of the island.

And I would have to say that going to this other part of the island was a great idea because there was a lot more to see in terms of sea life. Sure, it was a little colder in the water this time around but I felt that putting up with the chills was worth the diving. Besides, I could always eat more food to make up for the calories burnt for diving and being cold.

pier marina for scuba diving gran canaria canary buceo bucear

Ready to jump in? It looks cold and it was cold! But it was worth doing because of the rewards underwater.

angelshark endangered tiburon mar atlantic ocean protected species spotted

One of the first things that I saw in terms of sea life was this Angelshark! They are actually endangered because a lot of them were by-catch from netting. Fishermen would often cut them up as bait instead of letting them go.

angelshark swimming on the sand nadar nada nadando por la arena debajo del agua

I took whatever photos I could before this shark took off like a rocket. It stayed around for a bit and then it was gone!

schools of fish underwater canary islands diving blue waters sandy bottom escuela de peces pez

There were hundreds of fish swimming around and one point, I was surrounded by all these fish which probably thought that I was a shark to them so they were looking for parasites to eat or even gain protection.

barracuda predator fish missile shaped attacker aggressive

I also saw all these Barracuda swimming around which was the first time that I’ve ever seen this many of these missile-shaped fish at one time in one place.

The second dive of the day took more of a careful observation skill because some of the sea life were not so visible unless you are really looking carefully!

broken cement pipe broken tubo roto debajo de agua salada

At first glance, it looked like that this broken pipe might have held some sea life but nope. It’s still worth checking out though… leave no stone, er, leave no pipe unchecked.

arrow crab spanish waters atlantico salt water diving 20 meters below 20 m

This Arrow Crab was hiding in its hole unless it was spotted due to one of long, slender limbs sticking out. Even in this picture, the crab was poking one of its legs out like it was threatening to do jab-punches.

cuttlefish hiding in the sand escandarse en la arena sea mollusc

Can you spot the Cuttlefish? It was buried in the sand trying to camouflage itself from potential predators. Cuttlefish are considered to be on the smartest invertebrates in the world thus the reason to utilize camo and survive onwards.

intelligent invertebrate camo camoflage pattern hiding escando

How about this Cuttlefish? It’s trying to use the rocks for camo.

main event territory fighting lenguado fish sole flatfish fighting luchando lucha luchan pelean pelearse pelea bajo de agua

You had to be there to see it and believe this main event boxing event! Yes, those are Lenguado (Sole Fish / Flatfish) duking it out for territorial rights! You have to keep your eyes open and being completely observant because you will rarely see anything like this!

Well, that was it for me in terms of diving. So…. would I go back to the Gran Canaria to dive some more? Oh yeah! Maybe a different season would help in seeing different kinds of life underwater as well. I would have to say that the diving in the Canaries was definitely worth doing even in the cold water during the winter. I will have to come back someday again.

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