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What to buy in Spain: Torron, Sangria, Beer, Wine, Coffee

Posted by on January 21, 2019

One of the great things to buy in Spain is eating the tapas in the restaurants since there is such a great selection to choose from (pending the restaurants). From sausages to octopus to fish to vegetables to all sorts of plates out there, you cannot say no to them all! However, there is only one problem: you cannot take these items with you hoping that they will last awhile since they will spoil within a few days so alternatives must be found which I’ve found the following items: Torron, Sangria, Beer, Wine, and Coffee.

I knew someone who really loves this stuff as there are many varieties of it and prefers the original almond hard stuff. I like them all especially the chocolate flavored ones!

torrón españa español dulce sweets

This is one of the more common high-quality brands of Torron that is sold in Spain. It’s actually pretty good with some hot tea.

Torrun torron spanish hard candy high quality cualidad mejor alta

This is probably the highest quality torron out there in Spain. You can usually find these in high-end stores and maybe in major airports of Spain. The top one is my favorite with the chocolate layer on the bottom.

There are different varieties of this particular liquid out there in the world where one is a soda in Mexico which I really like and other liquid is an alcoholic one. I’m not an alcoholic drinker not even at social events but I’ve known people who love this stuff and will mix it with fruits and juice to be served chilled during a party and/or a hot day.

sangría spanish version drink alcohol

This is not like the Mexican Sangria which is more of a soda than the Spanish version which kind of like a wine cooler, I guess.

I’m not an alcohol person but there are so-called connoisseurs of the booze-liquid so I’ve bought cans and bottles of Spain’s most well-known beer, Damm Estrella, only to hand them out to friends and family. One friend said that he liked the beer and could drink it all day with no problems. Again, I’m not a drinker so I’ll take his word for it since I saw a lot of Spaniards drinking that brand in the streets, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

regular spanish beer cerveza bier biere

The beer that I saw most commonly in Spain that people were drinking on the streets, in cafes, in bars, in restaurants, etc.

tropical beer brand canarias canary islands

In the Canary Islands, it was a different perspective as most people were drinking this brand of beer: Tropical. Not sure on how good it is since I don’t drink, but I assume that the locals were drinking it – should be okay.


Like with the beer, I’ll buy wine bottles only to give them away as gifts. Spain has more fertile environment and growing conditions compared to other regions of Europe which are colder and receive less sun so Spanish wine might be seen as a positive in many people’s eyes. Someone told me that the growing conditions are almost similar to the ones in California so the red wine is seen as be exceptional. Again, I don’t know since I don’t drink the red or white stuff. I’m not into wine but I know that there are many out there would love a bottle of Spanish wine.

13.5% alcohol level nivel wine vino tinto red rojo

A couple of red wines bought in Spain.

Again, like with the alcoholic beverages, I don’t drink coffee so buying the black stuff don’t equate to purchasing them for my usage. The coffee is intended to be gifts to friends and family. Still, it’s interesting that the Canaries have this kind of product be sold but then again, the Galapagos sold coffee as well. So every place has their own specialty if it can be grown there in the right growing conditions.

café de canarias españa islas island coffee canary Spanish lands off Africa black java joe packs bags

When I went into a local stores in the Canaries, I saw a variety of different coffees for sale that I have never seen in Spain. So I figured why not buy some for some friends and family?

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