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Bydgoszcz – unknown Polish city near central Poland

Posted by on February 4, 2019

This is one of the few Polish cities that you don’t read about or hear about because one, no one knows where is it and two, it’s impossible to pronounce since it’s in Polish. The city has changed hands between the Polish, Polish-Lithuanians, Teutonic Knights, Prussia, Germany, and Polish/Soviets throughout its history that its German name was Bromberg. Due to its location being on the western side of the Vistula River probably meant that even the Romans might have even extended the empire that far by using the Vistula River as the border between them and the barbarians (even though some of the Germanic tribes were also considered barbarians).

Brda river Bydgoszcz Poland polish water way freshwater

It’s winter but not that bad of a winter with massive snow piles and snow in general everywhere. The Brda River flows through the city of Bydgoszcz and eventually into the Vistula River, Poland’s longest river. Over time, the Polish managed to control the Brda river’s flow by a series of dams and later locks so as to prevent floods and damage. I saw a few fishermen fishing this river but I’ve never seen them catch anything nor have I seen any fish in the river despite looking in it carefully.

Brda River restaurants statue buildings Polish

There are nice walkways by the Brda River with plenty of restaurants nearby which makes this a nice city to come by. The little bog on a string is actually a statue of an acrobat. I’m not sure how they got it up there without flipping it but they made it work!

And many years later, it was very possible that even the Mongols might have traveled this far up north and west into Poland as they’ve made several invasions into Poland. It was only by the announcement of Ogedei Khan’s death which spared Polish lands from being completely overrun and sent into the depths of absolute ravage and destruction. Every time a Mongol leader died, all the leadership were to return back to Mongolia to elect the new Khan. It was only through the death of an invading nation’s leader that prevented complete annexation and invasion or at least forced servitude to the Mongol Khan.

I have to admit that there isn’t much about this city that makes it super great because all these wars and battles have ravaged throughout the area’s history, but there is one good thing about this area – great restaurants. Some of the best restaurants around the old market square or by the Brda River or both.

Historic old-town market square

Obviously, Stary Rynek or market square has seen better days. It looked like they were doing a lot of repairs right in front of Bydgoszcz’s city hall building.

Tip: The two best restaurants that come to mind are near Bydgoszcz’s central square: Memo and King Fu. Memo is a great restaurant that serves high-class quality food that ranges from old-fashioned Polish food to fusion. King Fu is an Asian/Sushi restaurant that despite being inland, the place serves great food especially the sushi.

complaining about parking in old town square police officer ticketed fine multa parked vehicle popo

I thought this was funny as I walking around, I saw that the police officer put a parking ticket on this car (along with several others) because cars were not supposed to be parked there. As the police officer placed the last ticket, this lady came up irate to the officer about getting a ticket. Apparently, she got mad that she got a ticket and that she was only gone for a few minutes or whatever. It’s completely obvious to me that there is a taxi stand sign there so she definitely deserved the ticket. I didn’t stand around to see the end of it but it was quite funny.

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