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Malta scuba diving day 1 – Diving in Gozo

Posted by on February 9, 2019

Despite its small size, Malta can provide one of the best ways to experience via discovering its underwater treasures through scuba diving! And there is a ton of water since Malta is just a few islands surrounded by, what else? Water! So on this day of diving, I got outfitted with gear, loaded it up on the vehicle, and then we were off to go catch the ferry to go from the island of Malta to the island of Gozo. Gozo is the other inhabited island (other than capital island, Malta) that is just north of Malta. So basically, if I didn’t go scuba diving, I would not have had the chance to go see the other island. It’s kind of like with me scuba diving on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria – without diving, I would have not seen other parts of the island.

diving gozo malta islands Mediterranean Sea

I saw this group of divers lining to jump into the water. I was going to do the same thing a short while later. It is cold water diving in the Med and it might still be during summer.

diving wreck ship sunken sunk underwater salt water

As we’re going down and into the wreck, you have to keep your eyes open for anything unusual and the extraordinaire.

camo fish sculpin scorpionfish on bottom

For example, you might not see anything at first (well, maybe an outline of a fish in the middle)…

sculpin ambush fish waiting for prey

… and upon closer inspection, there it is! A sculpin!

On this shore dive or more like jump in from the edge, it was a wreck dive which means plenty of wildlife to see as long as everyone keeps their eyes open for anything that sticks out. That’s the key with scuba diving because otherwise, all you see is just mainly water and “stuff.”

gozo shipwreck engine motor room

I thought that this was neat seeing the engine room of this wreck.

moray eel hiding ambush

There was a Moral Eey hiding near the wreck in its hole.

hermit crab cangrejo ermitaño

As we made another turn into another part of the shipwreck, I spotted this hermit crab on a handrail. I had to use someone’s light to get a good photo of the little guy.

decorator crab cangrejo camo weeds plantas

This was the most spectacular part of the diving which was spotting this decorator crab! If you don’t look carefully, you will miss the wildlife hiding among the weeds due to its camouflage.

fine details of the decorator crab

Here’s a more upclose and detailed picture of the decorator crab.

Tip: The water is cold as what you can expect? It’s the Mediterranean. The water is always cold so either wearing dry suits or thick wetsuits is a MUST. It reminds me of the rest of the Mediterranean such as Costa del Sol, Barcelona, Nice, and Athens where the water is quite cold for diving unless it’s the summer time which is when the water warms up a bit. And even then, you still need some thickness on that wetsuit.

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