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Malta scuba diving day 2 – Diving in Malta using a DPV!

Posted by on February 10, 2019

This was an awesome day of diving as I got to ride the Harley-Davidson of the scuba diving world – using a DPV also known as a Diver Propulsion Vehicle. Instead of kicking my legs to propel myself in the water, I had an underwater motorcycle! Well, something like that. So I had this great motor that could do all the work and glide me through the water like a screaming samurai sword in the wind. I was also able to spend more time in the water because I wasn’t using much air or energy going to the bottom. Instead, the DPV was able to get to the lower depths quicker as soon as I was able to equalize my ears.

DPV pose with full gear Malta

This is my DPV… there are many like it, but this one if MINE!

underwater motorcycle scuba diving

Ready to ride the wave! Er, uhm, underwater wave that is produced by this DPV!

The view from using a DPV

The view from using a DPV.

The one bad thing about the DPV is that using them in the cold water can make you colder. Rather than using pure human motion power through the legs to warm me up, I’m pretty much staying in a rigid, upright position as I go deeper and deeper. Not to mention the rushing water can be cold as well! Still, the ability to cover more ground and water is more of a positive than negative as I cut through the water easily – left, right, up, down.

DPV to the wreck

In what would have taken 40 minutes to swim there, took a mere few minutes to the wreck. I wished I had this DPV everywhere I go diving!

empty beer bottles crate on ship wreck

I spotted this interesting thing – there was an empty crate of beer on the wreck.

DPV divers in Malta

Following the crowd of DPV divers. I like this DPV a lot!

One bad thing about the DPV is that I wished that I had this for the other places that I’ve gone scuba diving! I sure could have used it in places like Baja California, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, etc. It sure would have saved me a lot of time, energy, and oxygen! Jeez, where was this thing when I needed it?!

The other bad thing cruising around on the DPV is that you tend to spook the wildlife and/or you miss them because you’re going too fast to actually focus your eyes on something to figure out if it’s nothing or something. It definitely helps to be more cautious, slow, and deliberate when diving. It’s a positives/negatives trade-off that divers have to weigh prior to going out with a DPV. There are places where a DPV would not be that helpful such as in Cozumel where the drifts will easily take you where you need to go without any leg power help.

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