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What to buy in Malta: Maltan Beer and Wine

Posted by on February 11, 2019

It’s not everyday where you can find beer or wine from Malta, a country of 350,000+ people who all live in the middle of the Mediterranean. Most people don’t even know where this island nation is at so to bring any kind of products from Malta, would be a sure-fire way to gain some new friends.

Unfortunately, I didn’t look carefully for Maltan coffee so I’m pretty sure that it does exists. On its drinking flavor, I can’t say that it would be any good since generally people told me that the coffee grown in areas where volcanic ash used to be dispersed are the best flavored coffees. Malta is not really in a volcanic area unless you count Mount Vesuvius but even then, that’s far away and quite a boat trip too. And even then, last eruption by Vesuvius likely didn’t push all that volcanic ash, rock, and debris that far south to Malta.

vino wein bottle vin malta maltese

Want some cheese with that whine? Oh wait, never mind. Just wine it up.

beer cerveza biere bier malta islands

The beer that I saw the most was this: Cisk Beer. Not sure if it’s any good or not but I’m sure beer aficionados would love this regardless of its quality. It’s just different.


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