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Items to buy in England: Curiosity Cola and Tea

Posted by on February 18, 2019

I am not an alcohol drinker but from what I heard from most alcohol drinkers is that they are not big fans of British Ale or room temperature alcoholic beverages that they are more used to drinking cold. I already asked a few friends if they wanted any British Ale and they quickly turned it down for being too disgusting or too warm. So from that information alone, I already knew that I wasn’t going to buy any booze from the UK at all. But there was one drink, a soda, that I really liked after drinking it and it is Curiosity Cola! Supposedly, this cola is made with no artificial ingredients and it does have a cleaner taste compared to regular sodas but I do like it! It’s something to look forward to in the UK, if it’s being sold there.

british natural cola

They have a clean taste to these colas that I like. Best with meats like hamburgers, steaks, or ribs.

Everyone knows that tea is huge in the UK. It doesn’t matter if it’s in England, Scotland, or Ireland – they have their particular blend of tea, especially in the black tea (breakfast tea) department. But in the UK, tea is almost a necessity to the local populace especially during breakfast and break times (hence, where the term tea time came from). “Hey, we’re in a war… tea time!” “Everyone shut down! Hey, we’re in a jam trying to meet deadlines… tea time!” “Everyone shut down!” Something like that but you know what? It’s all about quality, not quantity and the UK has one of the stronger economies out there so they must be doing something right with tea. With the exception of what happened in Boston and the Tea Party that they had there. Just note that there are different brands of tea so I can’t figure out what’s the best one.

UK british tea black breakfast tea time famous

Each region has its own tea that they like and of course, everyone has their own favorite brand out of the hundreds or thousands out there. But there are plenty to choose from, to brew, and drink.

Tip: You can buy these Curiosity Colas and British Tea in the stores at Heathrow Airport, particularly if you are on the way traveling out of the country. The smaller airports such as Stansted and London City don’t have them so pick your flights wisely!

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