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Manchester and the National Football Museum

Posted by on March 3, 2019

In addition to the two major football teams that Manchester has to offer with Manchester United and Manchester City, there are a few sites to go see in this city. But it’s like with any city in Europe, it seems like – plenty of buildings, old and new, mixed all together due to the bombings that the city suffered during World War II which gave way to the trains and trams that go out and about the city.

Manchester City Council Building gobierno inglaterra socios democratas republicanos

This is the Manchester City Council Building where local politicians endlessly debate whether to give the local vampires and haunted zombies more blood to suck on people or just pay them off with clean air and water. I guess at least it’s historic which explains why construction was being done.

Manchester Cathedral Dom

This here is the Manchester Cathedral which overlooks the River Irwell which was part of the planning for the Manchester Ship Canal. I am sure that this cathedral has seen a bigger involvement in the past than today as religion is starting to lose popularity.

The one place that I thought that any football fan should go to especially he or she is a big fan into English football is to go to this place: The National Football Museum. Originally located in Lancashire, funds and energy were put into reality to get a new site for all things related to football in England and in the world since it’s very probable that England is where football was invented. So it made sense to put a football museum in a country where some of the most die-hard fans live, breathe, cheer, support, and die with their team.

UK National Football Museum street view in the city

The National Football Museum almost looks invisible when walking at the street level. It’s only noticeable when when you see the words “National Football Museum” on the side of the glass building.

early leather football UK stitching players 1800s

This was the early football which was what players back then used to play football. Unlike the black and white, leather was sewn by hand several times to make sure the stitching could take the constant kicking and pounding.

trofeo inglaterra 1900s soccer champion

Now here’s something that you don’t see everyday. An early football league championship trophy back from the early 1900s.

early age football championship campeonato

Here’s another early age football trophy. The museum had several of these pieces of silverware on view that teams won back in the early 1900s.

In here, they had also all these virtual games that you could play such as the penalty kick machine and passing game and so forth. They all cost money but I wasn’t really interested in them since I didn’t bring my shoes! The museum surprisingly had two items that were one-of-a-kind and were on loan for the time being.

2017-18 Premier League Trophy won by Manchester City liga trofeo inglaterra

This here is the 2017-18 Premier League Trophy won by Manchester City last year. You can actually take your photo with it if you’d like as long as you are willing to wear gloves.

chelsea FA football association trophy competition england UK premier league

And this trophy is the 2017-18 FA Trophy won by Chelsea. Obviously, it’s on loan from the team to showcase this trophy along with the Premier League trophy at the Museum.

And of course, the gift shop where one can buy trinkets or some really pricey stuff.

Autographed Pele Jersey framed museum gift shop

Anyone want an autographed Pele jersey? Only costs an arm…. and a leg!

Autographed Messi Jersey leo lionel barcelona framed picture

And this autographed Leo Messi jersey can be yours for both your arms and legs! Your liver can be the down payment by the way.

Tip: Going to Manchester from the airport and back is fairly simple as you can take the train which takes roughly about 10-15 minutes. Manchester Picadilly station is the city’s main station which is where you can also catch train rides to other cities within the UK or take the tram within the city or to Manchester United and Manchester City games. On game days, the workers will sell special round-trip tickets that allow you to the stadium and back. You must have a ticket because otherwise being caught without a ticket will incur stiff fines.

Tip: One thing that you have to note is that Manchester is like any big city – WATCH where you STEP! On Saturday and Sunday mornings (and I’m sure even on holidays), there is a quite a lot of puke/vomit on the streets. I’m assuming that the people there are overly consuming alcohol which is causing the reasoning behind the high volume of upchuck lying around the streets. One source might be the high number of homeless on the streets – there is a lot of them so also watch your stuff and where you walk because you never know what one of them might do.