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In Mainz for the German version of Carnival: Fasching

Posted by on March 4, 2019

In Germany, Carnival is a big thing apparently as almost everyone goes out to party, celebrate, cheer, drink, dance, party some more. It has its own name called Fasching or in other regions it has a similar name such as Fassenacht, Fasnet, Fasnacht, Fastelavend, etc. In Germany, Carnival week starts on the Fat Thursday before Ash Wednesday so all the days in-between are for nothing but for celebrations. But in actuality, the reasoning behind such a celebration is actually lost and it’s thought that people began such festivals was to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of the growing season. Hence, people called this period, the fifth season. Another reason to party and celebrate, huh?

In Mainz, Germany, there was a big parade to celebrate Fasching where people went out dressed as different characters and in a wide variety of costumes while waiting for the Parade to show up with their marching bands, cheerleaders, and numerous floats all which numbered over 160 of them! In a city such as Mainz where over 200,000 people live in, there was quite a few people out there to celebrate the event. I felt as if the city showed its true colors unlike at the FSV Mainz game that I went to.

band musicians in the parade carnival celebrations partying mainz germany deutschland

Here comes the band! It seems like every parade must have a band of sorts out there. These guys are dressed in the Revolutionary War style.

cheerleadering in Germany Europe festival city

Multiple cheerleaders were out there to cheer and dance away the day during Fasching.

float with trees arboles l'arbes baum baumer mit Gesicht

I don’t really know what the background on this float with the trees with human faces on them.

clowns payasos en el desfile

I saw a lot of clowns and some of the floats were clown-related.

throwing stuff out at the crowd float

More clowns! And some of the floats have people on them to where they are throwing candy to the people watching the parade. Some even throw out odd ball items such as fans, balls, food, gloves, and even sponges.

caballos float

Fakes horses with a carriage full of people throwing stuff at the crowd. I even got stuff thrown at my head, not sure if it was intentional or accidental.

Some people say that Germans are not funny, well, that’s not entirely true because of the floats that I saw out there were ridiculously funny. I saw a great one with Donald Trump’s face imposed on a bull’s body farting at the world. I take it that people have some fun in some creative matters out there particularly when it involves politics and religion.

the queen made fun of queen elizabeth II uk queen

Queen Elizabeth II was mocked in this Brexit float for the UK’s indecision in deciding whether to leave the EU or stay in the EU.

lady failing at job in shoes too big

I wasn’t sure who they were making fun of but obviously, it’s some lady in shoes wayyyy too big for her. An obvious statement that she took on a job too big for her.

religion mocked #metoo church christianity priests bad religion

Even the Church got made of as well due to the high number of priests doing some inappropriate things to altar boys. One of the German signs stated, “Let your kids come to us!” which meant allow their kids to be “touched” in a more “personal” way.

Angela Merkel made fun of wasting money

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was not spared either as she’s posed as the leader of Germany wasting the country’s money on stupid stuff.

german government farce held loosely

Again, Angela Merkel being depicted as someone holding the German government somehow with promises. Now whether they are fulfilled or not, that’s a different topic.

AfD nazis right wingers Deutscland political party

Even political parties are slandered in a funny way. Here, this float was dedicated to AfD aka Alternative für Deutschland. It’s a right-wing political party that has gained a lot of traction (votes) for its right-wing policies and thinking that provokes a lot of left-leaning Germans. Here, the people were trying to portray AfD as being racist Nazis.

I remember being in Panama when they had Carnival but compared to Mainz’s celebration – there was no competition. Mainz’s was far better. And I’m sure that Brazil has an even bigger one than anyone does but for some people who cannot make that long-distance trip, it’s probably better to stay at home and celebrate since it’s in their backyard.

Tip: If you are planning to go to Germany, make sure you know when Fasching is. A lot of stores and restaurants are closed during this time especially if a parade is being planned to go through that area. However, if you are planning to go to Fasching, make your bookings early because some of the hotels will be sold out as people tend to show up to party all night long which also means there will be some loud nights and possibly even sirens of police, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. And most importantly, watch where you step because I’m sure that you will encounter some vomit somewhere along the streets.

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