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Azores – Second day of scuba diving day but no fishing

Posted by on March 10, 2019

Another day in the ocean is a good day especially if it involves scuba diving! The only issue was that water was a bit colder for some odd reason on this day so I was freezing despite wearing a thick wetsuit. That’s something that they don’t say – the water is cold in Europe even in places where it’s warm and sunny. Nope. The water is cold in the Azores unless it’s the summer time which is when the big fish show up as well.

school of jacks swim fun hunting together quick swimmers fins

As soon as we got down to the bottom, we were greeted by these Amber Jacks. They actually swam around us probably thinking that we were going to drop food or something.

sluggy slug sea ocean saltwater poisonous to eat small

Saw this blue and yellow nudibranch slug just hanging out.

transparent lucid egg case floating around the ocean eggs

Saw a few of these but they looked like transparent egg cases floating in the water. I wasn’t sure if they were or they were something else.

blue white sea urchins portugal japanese food cuisine seafood

So a blue sea urchin walks into a bar….I’ve never seen so many sea urchins of various colors.

top of the rocks schooles of fish random visitors

While actively looking for the sea creatures hiding in the shadow and nooks and crannies, look up once a while because you might miss something swimming in the water such as this school of small fish roaming in along the top of the rocks.

The places that we went diving were a bit more rocky so that meant a lot of looking into cracks and small caves for certain animals such as sleeping fish, eels, crabs, lobsters, etc. These critters like hiding in these spots to avoid any possible predators looking for an easy meal.

crack crab rocks azores atlantic ocean 8 legged creature critter for food

Here was a Spiny Crab sitting in its hiding spot to avoid being found. Instead, the trusty flashlight revealed more than what the eye can see.

lobster for food pincers claws 8 legs bottom feeder

Close to the Spiny Crab was this Slipper Lobster. I could see the Lobster panicking that it was found and trying to decide whether to hunker down or make a break for it. But before making such a rash decision, we made our move instead.

hermit cangrejo carrying a shell on its back shellhome

Some creatures were actually in the open but had a bit more protection like this small hermit crab trying to make a beeline run to the tiny cave.

mobile home underwater crabs hard to break shell

Other sea life were a bit more ballsy as this hermit crab pretended to be a snail while in the open hoping that an octopus wouldn’t find it.

No fishing on this day as the weather was getting a little weird but at least I got my scuba diving in! Also, I was tired from the previous day of pushing myself to scuba dive and fish on the same day. There were times that I wanted to just lie down, relax, and sleep so I think it’s better to focus on one thing after a hard day.

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