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Another world wonder: Colosseum

Posted by on March 23, 2019

Due to the massive amount of things to see and places to go to in Rome, I intentionally left this site out because it requires to be on its own: Colosseum, another world wonder! Like the others, this massive stone stadium was built back in the BC era and was basically the original grand stadium for all the biggest competitions and fights and struggle for victory or death that would later pave the way for modernized sporting events that we have today. The Romans had some great architects, engineers, designers, planners, and constructors for this massive stadium particularly during a time where they didn’t have machinery, computers, electricity, etc. The Colosseum was fully constructed by human hands, manpower, and probably some pack animals. But to do during the ancient times makes the Colosseum a marvel to look at especially considering all the events that have occurred there giving rise and fall of gladiators, heroes, fighters, lords, winners, losers, and the death.

street view la vista de la calle colosseum stadium rome

As you walk to it, you can easily see from the distance… the Colosseum!

street view level of colosseum italian world wonder

I made it! This was probably one of the easier world wonders to go visit!

inside the colosseum world wonder

Inside the Colosseum! Now time for some exploring and thinking what a gladiator was going through in his mind and body.

roman fighters thieves animals show big fights killing dying

After years of neglect and even treated as a rock quarry, people finally decided to protect the Colosseum as it would later become a symbol of the ancient Roman Empire. Here you can see what would be a skeleton shape of the Colosseum floor as the Romans made a lot of upgrades so fighters/gladiators and/or animals could be introduced more quickly.

arena area fighting killing destroying each other

You have to utilize your imagination as if the Colosseum was completely new and jam-packed with people screaming at the fighters inside the arena area.

ground level fighting stage arena

Here’s a ground level of the Colosseum. Now just imagine that you were a poor slave being thrown into this mess… or a grandmaster of a gladiator ready to gain fame, honor, glory, and tons of money.

bloodbath ancient times party overindulgence

This is one of the many tunnels in the Colosseum. You could either be a spectator, a big fan ready to get inside to see the biggest fights of your life! OR you could be one of the fighters trying to fight for your life – either fighting against blood-hungry gladiators or barbarians or maybe even worse – tigers, rhinos, elephants, etc.

I look at the Roman Colosseum as being the model footprint for all the modern stadiums in the world that got its foundation from. So for all those famous stadiums that I went to such as Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, Allianz Arena, Signal-Iduna Park, Wembley Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, etc. which some of those stadiums themselves have years and years of history. However, the Colosseum was the very first of its kind for amazing sports events during that period of time which many are lost to history but I’m sure there were a lot of amazing gladiators, fighters, swordsmen, etc. that were popular heroes of their time. And they all made their names immortalized among the Roman crowds due to their exploits in the Colosseum. You have to remember that most of the ancient arenas back then were built to accommodate maybe a few hundred people in a circular form and if you weren’t in the front row, it was hard to see anything. However, the Colosseum was probably the biggest, the most grandest stage of all for a warrior to make a name for himself or perhaps even herself. The Colosseum, no doubt, set up modernized professional sports for success by having elevated seats with rows and rows of them so that thousands of people could see what was happening and make great memories made by those who are considered to be sports heroes by the fans.

360 arena stadium colosseum roman times architecture

Make sure you walk around and absorb the experiences that both the crowd and participants were probably going through in the Colosseum. Also imagine the bloodlust that the crowd was going through since this was one of the few ways that the Roman Emperor could placate his subjects by making these spectacles so grand with so much blood and killing that the attendees would agree (vote of confidence) with the Emperor’s rule. So the more blood and amazement (costing a lot of money), the better the chance that the crowd would agree and not rebel.

walls rock imagination stadium

Some imagination is required when walking through the walkways because undoubtedly there was wood or rock supports where the seats would be.

arch outside of the colosseum roman architecture arch building

And right outside the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine which is a commemoration of Roman Emperor Constantine victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

protest manifestacion en roma protesting marching march angry locals

As I wandered inside the walls and windows of the Colosseum, I noticed that there was a parade going on and then I realized that it was a protest. Huh… now that’s something you don’t see everyday especially around a world wonder like this one. It made me wonder if the locals were protesting tourists who are probably overrunning and ruling the city.

And with the Colosseum visit, I have overall 6 world wonders visited:
Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
Chichen Itza in Mexico
Machu Picchu in Peru
Petra in Jordan
Giza Pyramid in Egypt
Colosseum in Italy

I just need 2 more and both of them are in Eastern Asia:
Great Wall in China
Taj Mahal in India

Yes, there are 7 world wonders but in actuality, there are 8 as the Egyptian Pyramids were omitted because people thought that they belonged in the original, ancient world 7 wonders. But to me, it doesn’t matter. Just go travel and see these places no matter what.

My travel gun sights will now be slowly moving and deploying towards that eastern direction of Asia in order to complete that quest and cross the bucket list section into full achievement zone and that quest will be complete! Commence the travel plans immediately!

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