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Vicenza, Italy – away from the big Italian cities

Posted by on March 26, 2019

I flew into Marco Polo Airport located in Venice, the famous city that requires a boat or a gondola to travel within the city, but I had no interest in going into some polluted, over-crowded city full of tourists there. Well, actually, the airport is west of the famed canal city as modernization took over the surrounding areas to build it up to accommodate the advances in technology such as roadways, airports, trains, etc. So instead of going east into actual Venice itself from the airport, I headed west, kind of like United States’s westward expansion all the way to the Pacific coast. Except, this one trip involved more a traveler’s mindset with no intent to settle it for permanent reasons. Nah, better to leave it as I found it and at least eat some Italian cuisine during my time there in Northern Italy and avoid the tourist blobs of Venice.

mountain view from top vicenza

A view of the city of Vicenza.

downtown innercity of Vicenza Italian tourism city

Like most European cities, many have pedestrian walkways to where they were designed for walking, not for automobiles. This is one of the reasons why Italians are skinnier than most as they are used to walking, whether it’s hot or cold so they are burning calories.

Italian church downtown old town religion religious ordrs walkways sidewalks

Religion is a big thing down there or at least, the legacy is still there since Rome and the Vatican are not too far away compared to other European cities which is why the presence of churches and cathedrals are prevalent in Italy.

brick slim tower

I thought that this was interesting – a brick clock tower. It almost looked like an obelisk at first but nope. A brick tower with decorations and a clock at the top.

Unlike some of the cities in Germany that were heavily bombed such as Dortmund, Frankfurt, Leipzig, etc., the country of Italy didn’t get blasted to hell. Sure, Italy did see its fair share of fighting and bombing during World War II, but for some reason the Italian cities were not as war ravaged and some of the citizens living there viewed the Allies as liberators because their viewpoint of Benito Mussolini, Italian’s Prime Minister (or also regarded dictator at that time) was not of good fortune nor reputation. Instead, the Italian citizens viewed the dictator in disgust due to all the damage and destruction that he brought the country to by getting involved in such nasty politics and eventual participation into war. Some might even say that Mussolini had too much influence on the King of Italy to help direct the country towards war which later led to the Italian monarchy to be abolished. Just imagine if there were still a king and queen in Italy! However, I think by the end of World War II, most citizens were just tired of monarchies and royalty unless you’re in the UK.

church on top of hill Italian Italy countryside

This an arch leading to Monte Berico which is a church on top of a hill overseeing all of Vicenza and the surrounding areas.

Monte Berico Catholic Church on the hill

The picture doesn’t do it justice as you really need the 360 panographic photo to show you what it really looks like from the church to the outside view of the countryside.

Due to unrest throughout Italy during the later years of World War II, Mussolini’s closeness to Hitler and the Nazis, country-wide shortage of food, the war not going well as the fighting was right on their doorstep and even in their homes – all of these things made it easier for the Italian residents to simply wave the white flag and welcome the Allied Forces. This helped limit the destruction to a minimum and propped the Northern Italian region for more immediate economic revival and success upon after the war. I think the Americans coming in actually helped the Italian economy as Americans likely interchanged with the locals on many different things especially on the food scene. That’s probably another reason why Italian food is regarded as one of the best in the world. And Italian food is so much better in Italy, but you must be outside of the tourist zone to get it!

Tip: Make sure you eat the gelato! It’s basically ice cream, but Italian-style ice cream. It’s quite good actually and some gelato is really clean meaning no chemicals can be tasted.

ice cream italian style dessert food

3 different flavors on one cone! Gotta love this stuff!

Tip: Driving around in this part of Italy requires having a car so likely you will have to rent one. Just note that the driving rules are very different over here – not only are there speed cameras and toll booths but there are certain areas in Italy where only the locals are allowed to drive there. Not tourists. Saying that you are a tourist will not get you out of any possible fines. One person told me that he accidentally went into part of old town and got 7 tickets in return. So make sure you know where you are going!

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