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In the Balearic Islands – Going scuba diving in Mallorca, Spain

Posted by on April 6, 2019

On this day, I was hoping that the scuba diving would be like what it was in Barcelona but possibly with more interesting things and/or wildlife to see. Well, on this day, I had no idea since you never know with diving as I’ve found out how different the diving was in nearby Barcelona, Spain and Nice, France despite the fact that both locations are close to each other but for some reason, it was like night and day – Barcelona had far more wildlife compared to Nice’s. So going to Mallorca, which is slightly southeast of Barcelona and southwest of Nice, I was going to see if there were any differences in the diving. Hopefully, it was going to be more like Barcelona’s – see more interesting stuff.

On these dives, it’s all shore diving so no boat but rather grab the gear and put it on, and out into the water…. well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, the diving conditions were not so great as the dive operator said that the usual good diving spots were basically a no-go. 3 meter (1o foot) waves (would have been great for surfing if the waves were consistent like in Lima, Peru!), extremely choppy waters, and heavy wind does not make a good diving start, nor an end either as you have to come out some time. Also, the waters here are cold just like the Azores and the Canaries so gotta wear a thicker wetsuit!

So basically we could realistically go to one spot where it was possible so we headed off there for the shore dive. No boats as it was just too rough out on the waters. The first dive was difficult as visibility was terrible. You could barely see no more than 5 meters (about 15 feet) in front of you. Also, this site was primarily a beginner’s diving spot so there wasn’t much to see except for one thing. A John Dory also known as a Saint Peter’s Fish (in Spanish: Pez de San Pedro). I’ve see these while scuba diving in Barcelona but the divemaster said that he’s never seen one in these waters so it was quite a rare, odd sighting to finally see one in the flesh!

pez de san pedro john dory fish

As I was diving, I saw the rear of this fish, a John Dory aka St. Peter’s Fish! That’s why you have to keep an alert eye to see anything interesting.

john dory fish spain balearic islands islas espana mar oceanico salt water diving

If you look closely in the middle of the picture, it’s a St. Peter’s Fish with its prominent big “rear eye” meant to scare predators that it’s watching them.

Other than that fish, there wasn’t much to see but thankfully, the second dive was much better as the visibility improved quite a bit but the water temperature dropped substantially. I was far colder than the first dive but I got to see a lot more and the pictures came out better as well.

speedboat wreck spain balearic islands tourism

Looks like some kind of speedboat that had a hole and found its way to the bottom of the sea to provide a home for the fish to hide in.

fishing boat wreck

I don’t know what kind of boat this is but it looked like a fishing boat of some sort.

huge anchor grande

This was quite a big anchor that I’m pretty sure that it didn’t come off of one of the wrecks earlier seen during the dive. Must have broken off of a huge boat!

I was told that the diving is far better in the summer but that appears to be the truth throughout the other places that I’ve gone diving in Europe: Azores, Canaries, Nice, Costa del Sol, Malta, Croatia, and Greece. I should add in Iceland as well since the water temperature is somewhat more bearable than in winter! But the only problem with summer is all these tourists showing up as Europe’s prime time high season is summer.

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