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In the Balearic Islands – Cruising around the island of Mallorca, Spain

Posted by on April 7, 2019

Like my trip to the Azores, I decided to go do both fishing and scuba diving on this trip but with one change – the two activities would be on separate days because of the amount of energy required to do so. I thought I almost burnt myself out with the amount of energy that I had to put out to do both on the same day in the Azores that it would be far better to separate the days. Unfortunately, the weather gods did NOT get the memo from the fishing gods that I was going fishing on this day because the weather was so bad and continue to be bad into the next day that it was just windy, wavy, and storms were coming in. Better to stay on land than on water which was exactly what I did – cruise around the island.

Unlike the beach-goers and mass quantity alcohol drinkers, I’ve found something far better and more productive to do in these islands because even in the hotel I hear stuff such as “Oh man, I got so wasted last night that I don’t remember what happened.” That’s not what I want to reveal to people that I just drank and drank to the state of complete blackout consciousness and be complete idiots to everyone else. Even though I was not able to go fishing nor scuba diving (as the waves were worse than the previous day), I can still find things to go and do and see.

I found out that this island has some interesting caves to go to so that was my first place to stop at. They are called the Drach Caves (Cuevas del Drach) which are a major tourist attraction meaning that I recommend to go there early in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid the tourist crowds as I saw tour buses filled with tourists wanting to go to this location. These caves have interesting rock formations which probably took many, many years (centuries, really) to form. It kind of reminded me of the cave visit in Gibraltar since the cave had rock formations as well but the key attraction was that there was a church made into a cave. Another one site that comes to mind was the Cenotes of Mexico where I went diving there in underground caves/passages.

drach cave ceiling

This is an underground walking tour of unique rock formations probably took millenniums to create.

rocks water cuevas del drach

There are no vampires or scary things living here. Just rocks and some water.

drop deep cave

There are guard rails but make sure you don’t drop anything important like a camera because it might be a long drop… into water!

drach caves

More unique rock formations in the Drach Caves.

concert underground caves of drach spanish attraction tourism

In the end, they have a pleasant surprise as there is a concert on the water – they have a special boat where a small orchestra plays as it moves on the water inside the cave. The cave and the water provide a great conduit for the music to be heard that speakers are not needed.

Next I drove around the island’s coastline which gave me the idea that this island has quite a bit of beaches, some of them quite big (and popular) while others were less crowded and probably more likely to have less people. Mallorca has some interesting lighthouses which happen to be popular for tourists to visit them for some weird reason.

uphill road mallorca lighthouse

This is the Capdepera Lighthouse. You can either take a car or bike or walk up there but just note that hiking is quite a walk uphill on a windy road.

Mallorca cove view vista blue waters rocky island

By knowing where to go, you can get a good view of a cove.

Tip: Just a warning to everyone who comes to these islands – they are a lot of loud, obnoxious people who will not shut the hell up. God, they are just loud, proud, and drunk during the day and especially at night. The previous night was a bunch of British idiots screaming and yelling about stupid crap which I wasn’t able to decipher through their drunken voices. What was hilarious was when some Spanish lady screamed, “SHUT UP!” Unfortunately, that made the Brits even more enraged in their drunken stupor.

Tip: If you’re not in the drinking and bar/club scene then that’s great. However, you are driving a car on these islands beware where are you driving because there are a LOT, and I mean a lot of bicyclists on this island – most of them are obviously not from the islands. A lot of tourist bikers go to the Balearic Islands due to the great weather compared to the mainland so you have to watch out for them especially while in passing. The bikers might be annoying but you still have to maintain 1.5 meters (5 feet) when passing them. That’s the law on the islands I believe.

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