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Can a big fish in England take my hook for once? I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

Posted by on April 13, 2019

Like last year’s fishing rod going off like a machine-gun full of trout being hooked up when my guide and I were basically on fire (fish-fire really!) in springtime, I decided to go back to England to try my luck of hooking and landing lots and lots of fish again since I couldn’t fish in Mallorca. Also, it’s spring in England! And spring time is a great time in the UK for fishing trout as many of the fish hatcheries, ponds, lakes, and small waters have started stocking up on a variety of different sized trout. So that means that there is a lot of fresh fish around and they don’t really know any better as they’ve been trained to feed on pellets, not actually chase their food like real fish do. That’s the great thing about this break in artificial environments for these fish meaning that travelers like me can have a great time fishing it up! Fish after fish after fish! The fish have not gotten it so they haven’t smartened up.

It’s a different feeling when you go to an amazing place like Petra in Jordan versus utilizing your own skill and technique in catching a fish, especially a big-sized fish. It’s probably more fun knowing that you will catch fish unlike working hard only to catch one big fish, a fairly decent-sized brown trout like I did a few months ago in England. And of course, that was when the dumb fish have either been caught for dinner, died (for whatever reasons), or they actually got smart. Usually, after a winter is when the fish start their turn to becoming truly wild again which also means that they will be intelligent and make smart decisions especially regarding fish hooks or flies.

So back onto the reservoirs of England again! This time I was looking to see what I could get and go from there. Some people have told me that they have gone to the places like I have in the UK but they never HAD that much fun. Oh well, they should have gone fishing like me because having a live fish on the other end of a fishing rod (and it’s a big fish!) is quite an experience since you are feeling it, smelling it, seeing it, (maybe) hearing it, and overall, it was ALL you!

The fish and the weather actually cooperated with me for once…. well, maybe. It was unusually cold and windy but at least fishable because if I’m going to fail on fishing due to the weather as it happened with my last trip to Mallorca, then it looks like I have to travel to my go-to-place – England. Even if there is bad weather and/or waves, there are still places for fishing! I also don’t want to see any bad British blokes as well getting drunk and doing stupid stuff back in the Balearic Islands since it’s back on their homeland where hopefully, they are better behaved. Usually at home, people are. But also, I’m going out into the countryside and not into the cramped city of London so it’s a different story as the country folk are a bit more controlled I should say?

But to me, it appeared as if the fishing gods listened to my complaints of having zero chances to fish in Mallorca and made up for it by providing fish for me to catch. Of course, some of them got away but the gods kept providing.

rainbow trout trucha de acro iris

Within the first 20 minutes of fishing, a rainbow trout took my fly and its eventual land into the net and boat. A quick picture and release into the waters.

fishing gods provide 4 four pound rainbow fish trout

Later on, I got this 4 pound rainbow trout to hang on so I could catch it. The fishing gods do provide!

Eventually, after catching rainbow trout after rainbow trout, the gods gave me something else. Pike!

pike action fishing hardcore fish predators

I had to fight hard to get these pike in the net and into the boat! Here’s an action photo of me getting that rod bent in my hands trying to land the first pike of the day!

And I got two of those nasty pikes! A six pounder and an eight pounder!

fishing net pike 6 pounds

There’s my 6 pounder back into the net to breathe before final release into the water.

upclose with a pike in the net

An upclose of the pike, a predator fish, in the net before I picked it up before I posed with it and then released it.

pike 6 pounds pitsford water reservoir waters uk england fly fishing tourism

First pike of the day on a fly rod! Was about 6 pounds which is not bad at all. Good fight on a fly rod.

pike eight pounds uk english predator fishing troll fly rod flies pesca con la mosca

My second pike of the day and my biggest overall for this fishing day! 8 pound pike – a great fight with a lot of depth charges straight to the bottom.

Fishing in the UK is what I’d call a hidden treasure that no one thinks about as most people would rather do the London tours or go see castles or go to Stonehenge. I know, I know, I’m guilty of it myself because I did the same thing as well. That’s why fishing is the way to go.