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Fishing it up in the English spring

Posted by on April 14, 2019

On the second day of fishing in England is one of those – you just never know what happen so might as well go! And when I mean go, I mean that you never know what might take that hook and blast off! That’s what happened to me as I was calmly and jokingly talking to one crew member on the fishing boat in the Azores before something hard took my hook! After a few minutes of fighting, it turned out to be an Amberjack, which is great in the department of fighting despite its smaller size. No one else ever got a fish like mine on that boat so you have to be ready! This ain’t like going to the Pyramids hoping and knowing what you will get and see. That’s why I advise travelers to try fishing! A different feeling of anticipation of “Maybe, maybe, there might be a fish… big or small? No one knows!”

But on this day, I just wanted one really big fish to get hooked up. Can’t that happen for me??? I might I’ve caught some really big fish before but it feels as if it’s been a long time ago such as a lifetime ago. Sure, I’ve had such feelings many times or they felt like big fish but it’s always the ones that surprise your fishing rods that get you the most such as the 14 pound Lingcod in California, 12 pound rainbow trout in England, the big salmon in New York, the tunas in Mexico, the sailfish in Costa Rica, and how can I forget my biggest catch of all time – the 240 pound (110 kg) shark in Spain! That’s something that most travelers don’t know about – this amazing feeling that you used your own skills to produce your own awesome, unique experience. I mean it ain’t hard to go somewhere and take some pictures of an amazing place that someone (and I mean millions of others) has already taken photos of.

casting while seated cuando sentado pescando

Lots of casting and retrieving. Rinse and repeat. That’s fishing with some accuracy of casting of course.

On this day, it was tough fishing. Despite reports of people being completely on fire catching fish over and over again… nope. There was some hard work involved of casting the fly rod back and forth, back and forth, all the while retrieving and preparing for that fish to take the hook.

My first fish of the day came within an hour or so. A fresh rainbow trout.

Finally! My first brown trout of this calendar year! I caught this in the middle of all those rainbow trout that were taking my fly hooks.

The day’s fishing is still better than nothing. It wasn’t going to be like last year when it was a fish on every cast. No. But it was consistent. That’s why it’s best to fish and see what the fishing gods bring to ya. Some people have complaints about traveling to go see some buildings or what not – that’s why go fishing! You have to utilize the technical skills that you’ve learned to see if you can catch fish and hope there’s a big fish awaiting around!

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