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Liechtenstein, a small country in the Alps next to Switzerland and Austria

Posted by on April 21, 2019

Liechtenstein, which is basically another alpine country like Andorra, is another country where wasn’t much to see or do there. I just happened to be driving in eastern Switzerland at the time so I decided to cross the border, stop by, and buy some Liechtenstein beer for a friend of mine so that way he can say that he got to drink some rare booze even though it probably wasn’t. Mostly likely it was a generic brand of beer. I don’t think he thought that much about the Liechtenstein beer other than saying that he got to drink a beer from such a small country so it’s all about the bragging rights.

capital of liechtenstein street houses homes sunny day

There was not a lot to see or do in this country. Of course, during a sunny day with no clouds in the sky doesn’t help with the skiing and/or snowboarding opportunities which I’m sure brings this country alive during the winter.

small alpine country smallest in the world Europe microstate german speaking

One of the prominent features of this country is its Neo-Gothic Cathedral aka Vaduz Cathedral which overlooks from a mountain perch and into the city of Vaduz. I passed by a few people who were wondering why and what I was doing there. Apparently, many people don’t travel to this small country.

There really isn’t much to see in this country but by going into Liechtenstein for a few hours, I can say that I did visit the country instead of just passing by and never going in. Another country visited, big whoop, eh? But it’s more than that, I can say that I visited the sixth smallest country in the world! Only the countries of Vatican City and Monaco that I’ve visited are smaller. Even though the previously-visited European countries of Malta, Andorra, and even Luxembourg seem to be small as well, Liechtenstein is far and away much smaller. Some might say put in Gibraltar but that’s really a British Overseas Territory, not a country.

Tip: Just like the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the people of Liechtenstein can speak fairly good English, but even then, it’s highly recommended to know some German. When I went in to buy some items at the store in Liechtenstein, I spoke entirely in German, not English. So German is a good requirement since this small country is close to countries that have a lot of German influence, culturally and historically: Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Tip: Another good thing to know is that interestingly, Liechtenstein uses the Swiss Franc not the Euro. In the past, Liechtenstein was initially more aligned with the Austrian Empire/Austria-Hungary due to their historical roots with the Holy Roman Empire as well as the result of the power coming from the Habsburg monarchy in Vienna, but over time, due to Austria’s cultural changes and more importantly, the instability of Austria’s currency after the conclusion of World War I, Liechtenstein decided to convert over to the Swiss Franc which had a lot more stability and had a lot more positive momentum going for it. But more importantly, Liechtenstein looked up to Switzerland where the microstate started copying more and more Swiss ideals such as being a neutral state during World War II in order to avoid the ravages of war. Even today, Liechtenstein is more in-line with Switzerland as it doesn’t even have border guards with the Swiss but there are guards at the Austrian border. What’s funny is that Liechtenstein rarely has any crime and any criminals with long prison sentences go to a prison in Austria, not Switzerland.

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