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FC Barcelona winning the La Liga trophy! – FC Barcelona vs Levante

Posted by on April 28, 2019

I looked at both the schedule and the standings in order to time it correctly as I was hoping to be there in person in Camp Nou when the grand FC Barcelona team raises the La Liga (League) trophy to celebrate another victory, another major trophy to be put in and proudly displayed in the FC Barcelona museum. To go to a trophy celebration is a great thing to be because I still remember it from last year when they played against their eternal enemies, Real Madrid, in the El Clásico. However, at that time second place Atletico Madrid lost their game which meant that Barcelona already won the trophy just based on mathematics of points so the celebrations were already in place at the end of the game regardless of the outcome so the team went ahead and celebrated the La Liga trophy victory. It was an amazing feeling to be there in person for the festivities and I wanted to do the same for this season – make it to the La Liga trophy celebration and be witness to their 26th La Liga trophy lifting.

kickoff about to start soccer football game match barca

Here, the game was about to be underway – FC Barcelona against Levante in Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain.

However, the opposing team, Levante, wanted to spoil the fun and tried hard to put a dent into the team’s supporters and fans. They were really persistent in not letting Barca score one that I almost felt like this team was on a 5-4-1 formation to deny and counterattack. Barcelona did have some good runs and some great shots on goal but unfortunately they did not hit their marks.

fc barcelona ultras fans hardcore

The ultra hardcore fans of FCB cheering the team on with their chants, flags, and colors.

coutinho free kick outside the penalty box fcb

Usually Lionel Messi takes the free kicks but since he was not a starter in this game to give him some rest, Coutinho ended up taking it and almost scored if it weren’t for Levante’s goalie.

But it did not matter as FC Barcelona has the best player in the world in Lionel Messi who has had a great season scoring and assisting and dribbling that he has shown no decline in his game despite being 31 years old when others might show some kind of slowing down. That’s when everything changed despite not being a starter in this game, Messi was a substitute and came onto the field after half-time. He changed the dynamic of the game and also produced another save-the-day heroics by scoring the game’s only goal!

messi saves the day game victory

Messi came onto the field and completely changed the game. Levante had to go up against someone from another planet.

goal celebration by messi fcb barca

It’s hard to see but Messi ran to the right of the goal where his teammates followed and mobbed him to celebrate his goal.

And despite Levante producing some scares and 2 minutes were added into extra time, the final whistle blew and the FC Barcelona team was crowned La Liga Champions! Just like last year, there was a big celebration with singing, a mini-concert, a light show, parading around, dancing, but with one big difference – there was the trophy presentation which the FC Barcelona Captain, Lionel Messi, received on behalf of the team!

after the final whistle at camp nou

The entire stadium was cheering after the final whistle blew meaning that FC Barcelona won the League! Levante showed some sportsmanship by staying on the pitch to congratulate Barcelona.

FCB surround each other for 18-19 la liga trofeo

After getting congratulations from Levante, all the players got in the middle of the field to celebrate the victory. It looked like a much more calmer heavy rock concert mosh pit.

football players dancing

The players started dancing in this weird way, a football way I guess.

Messi raises another trophy to add to the collection FCB musuem

Unlike last year, where there was no trophy presentation since the team won while on the road (more like the closest team losing so Barcelona won by default), Barcelona was presented the trophy on its home turf for the first time in a long time. The fans were treated to something extra special on this game day.

The festivities continued on and on, making this game one of the more memorable football games that I’ve ever gone to.

lights colors celebration festival camp nou la liga 2017-18 champions

It was a complete spectacle to be in the stadium to watch the team win La Liga, which is a major trophy and a major accomplishment. 26 times that this team has won La Liga! Now it was time to celebrate it with music, lights, fireworks, and a lot of excitement.

celebration walking around the stadium pitch

The players walked around on the field to give thanks to the fans who watched them win the trophy.

With this La Liga trophy in hand, the team has two more to go for this season! La Copa del Rey (King’s Cup, equivalent to a country’s cup) and Champions League. After dismantling FC Lyon in Camp Nou and then Manchester United earlier in the season during Champions League, I’m hoping that this season will reveal FC Barcelona to be victorious in being a treble winner again. That means three major trophies in one year. And being in attendance at the stadium is a great feeling to be celebratory – it’s such a different feeling when you watch your favorite team win a major trophy compared to going to Rome, Italy to see another world wonder, the Colosseum. They are both great, amazing sights/feelings but very different. Of course, I could say the same while watching Messi, the world’s best football player in the world, is just magical when he has the ball or shoots the ball so even if you’re not a Barca fan, it’s still a wonder to go watch him play. Every FC Barca game that I’ve attended, Messi has scored 1 or 2 goals every match and has never lost a game – just 2 draws and all wins! That’s how good he is!

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