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Legoland, Germany

Posted by on May 5, 2019

Why not be a kid again at Legoland Deutschland? I say I do! And where is this place at in Germany? Well, it’s nestled somewhat of a car drive between the major cities of Stuttgart and Munich so I think it’s best to drive a rental car out there due to the lack of good public transportation to get there. Unlike the Legoland in San Diego that I went to, this Legoland is only open during spring, summer, and autumn due to the European cold weather shutting it down during the cold months. So it’s best to make plans to travel there during the sunnier days when it’s a lot warmer and you can wear just shorts and t-shirts to enjoy yourself being a kid again.

lego castle series big human sized

While waiting in line, there were a bunch of Lego figurines surrounding this castle.

lego pharaoh full sized legoland

I haven’t seen anything like this – an Egyptian Pharaoh full-scale sized made completely with Legos! This is definitely not Cairo, Egypt.

lego police man poster

I saw this funny Lego policeman poster which was funny to see.

Unfortunately, the summer time is when all the little kids show up and when I mean kids, I mean kids from all over Europe. Sure, there are two other Legolands in Europe which are in Denmark and in the United Kingdom, but this Legoland in Germany is much closer to most Europeans and it’s generally on the way to other tourist sites within continental Europe for most travelers, particularly those with kids. So this Lego destination probably gets the mass road rangers during high tourist season. And believe me, it’s just swarm after swarm of kids and tourists so it can get a bit hot as you’re standing next to a stranger/fellow tourist while under the scrunching, heavily-concentrated magnifying sun. So I recommend going in the spring or fall to avoid the summer hordes.

I liked Legoland Germany but the place lacked the quantity and quality of Legoland San Diego and its roller coasters as well as the Star Wars Lego Sets, particularly since California had the life-sized Darth Vader, life-sized Darth Maul, and a lot of famous Star Wars movie scenes reenacted by Lego toys. Legoland Germany has started to add some of these interesting exhibitions to their amusement park but I still think that it’s not as good as the ones that I saw in Legoland San Diego.

lego buildings custom made

There were some mini-size scaled buildings made completely of Legos as well.

lego replica buildings

I am not sure which replicas these Lego buildings were of but they look nice to look at.

Still, I won’t complain as I was a big fan of Legos as a kid and I still am. To me, being in Legoland was like being a kid all over again except that I am older and have a lot more money to spend even thought I didn’t spend it on Lego toys. I like spending more into experiences to where going to Legoland was like a jump back in the past.

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