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What to buy in Germany – Biersteins, Pewter Cups, Mezzo Mix, Fritz Cola

Posted by on May 6, 2019

I’m not going to write about the hundreds, thousands of beer brands that one can find in Germany but there are two items which might make someone very interested in these drinking utensils which can enhance the drinking experience to optimum levels: biersteins (or beer steins) and pewter cups.

Beer steins or biersteins, as they are spelled in German, are known for their elaborate designs on these massive mugs that are supposed to contain the lifeblood waters of humankind: beer. If you go back in time, people could not simply drink water from the rivers and lakes as it would make them sick due to the lack of technology to purify the water. One way to cleanse water was let the alcohol making process taketh over and convert the water into beer. Hence, people were able to quench their thirst and chillax at the same time. But of course, they needed to have a good container to drink out of which why beer mugs were invented. As time went on, it was somehow decided that the royalty and rich people would have nicer, more elaborate, more expensive containers to drink out of which became the beer steins.

old ancient beer steins germany german beer

These are some old beer steins where someone had them painted, probably by hand. Some of these beer steins can be worth a lot of money. Don’t get them confused with modern ones where they were painted on by a machine and are not worth that much in monetary value.

gods and goddesses royalty beer mugs

And then there are those that are worth even more money than cars. Some of these are hand-carved with Greek Gods being the theme and I’m pretty sure that they were made for the kings and queens in Germany. They are obviously the far more valuable beer steins.

When the common folk and middle classes saw the more pricier versions of these beer steins, they too wanted something expensive even though it might be utilized for more formal and celebratory events. I think that’s how someone invented a cheaper but ingenious way to make them look good for those big events. Pewter, also known as poor man’s silver, is quite heavy and in a way, far more durable was the choice of metal for these beer steins and were far superior than than regular mugs and glass cups which were more likely to break upon falling and making contact with the ground. That’s why pewter saved the day and allowed everyone to have a very nice cup/mug to drink out of.

decorated pewter cup

This pewter cup depicts a group of fishermen. Each pewter cup might be completely decorated with its own special insignia and themes. The pewter cups of the modern day are very detailed and still pricey.

gold silver pewter beer stein cup mug

And then of course, there are those where someone decided to make a specialized pewter cup/beer stein version for a rich person or someone of royalty in order to show off.

For the drinking department, if one is looking to fill their biersteins and pewter cups, I’ll introduce Mezzo Mix and Fritz Cola. Mezzo Mix is basically like a regular cola soda but with an additional flavor of orange infused into the drink. It’s not quite like an overloaded orange soda like sunkist or fanta, but it’s more of an addition to a coke with the distinct orange flavor taste in it. There is another soda out there which is very similar to Mezzo Mix which is called Schwip Schwap. I can’t really figure out if there is a difference between Mezzo Mix and Schwip Schwap but it’s good as well.

german soda

Like a cola but with an orange flavor taste. Massively popular with the German populace who want something other than the big cola brands.

fritz german cola

Frtiz Cola is more of craft soda but people do buy them for their more natural cola taste.

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