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There’s fishing in the Czech Republic!

Posted by on May 12, 2019

I didn’t know this but I found out that you can go fishing in the Czech Republic! Start point: Prague, Czechia’s capital and biggest city in the country, which happens to be a place that I’ve been to before so I’m familiar with the place. But just not the fishing. I’m sure that if I went in the past, then I could go catch some fish that I’ve done before: trout, carp, pike, perch, etc. Or perhaps a fish species that I have not yet caught before. The most important part about this trip was that I’d get a chance to go fishing for the first time in a landlocked country such as the Czech Republic. So forget about the famous Czech beer and all that tourist crap – I’m going fishing! I’m going to take the path less traveled…. again! I needed this trip after watching FC Barcelona falter in Champions League. Something to dull the pain and stop the bleeding of suffering in misery…. luckily, salvation was here in Czechia!

fishing bobber up down fish rod holder pole carp waiting patient

Alright, got all setup and now just have to wait for the fish to bite. This fishing is not just sit down and wait for the bells and whistles to fire off so you can start fighting the fish. No, you actually have to set the hook yourself when the bobber goes up or down. And some of these bites are real subtle.

fish 1st first czechia bohemia moravia empire inland lake fresh water guided tour

Within a few minutes, I had my first fish of the Czech Republic!

hooked action picture photo green lake vegetation background

After a while, the fishing slowed down as the rains and cold weather came but such worsening conditions would not sour me down. I stayed and fished and fished until all of a sudden, the fishing got hot and heavy. Even my guide had to hold off on going to the bathroom as I hooked one as soon as he said that.

gold carp fish freshwater fishing

This carp had great colors of gold on it that I had to take a picture of it.

running carp frankenfish weigh fat tough

This carp looked like a frankenfish as it had that curved neck into back look. Not sure what happened there but still a good fighter as it tried to run off in spurts.

My guide tried to get me hooked onto a sturgeon which was the intended species but knowing how tough it is to actually hook one, I know that the chances of having one bite would be very difficult. I tried back in California to hook and land one but it never happened as it was just striped bass and halibut. Still, the day continued to bring in more and bigger fish… including a big carp that was probably bigger than the one I caught fly fishing in the UK!

hooked 20 lb pound carp

I hooked and fought a big carp. My guide said that the big ones usually go off in long, deep runs in an attempt to outrun the fishing line. The smaller, younger ones primarily do the left and right, shake and bake method including turning at the surface to try to spit the hook out.

20+ plus pounds lbs of carp czech middle central europe fishing

And there’s the lucky fish! Maybe 20 pounds of all mirror carp? My guide, Oleg, had to help me pick up this slimy mirror carp.

release liberar librar pez en czechia

There’s me trying to release the big lumper back into the waters. I had some trouble as its fins and tail would get stuck in the net while I was releasing it. That tells you how big and long that thing was!

In this landlocked country full of mountains and rivers, I was glad to get a chance to try my skills at fishing this place. Like fishing in Germany and in Slovenia, you have to look hard to get that opportunity and looks as if I found my golden chance to do so.


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