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Dreaming of Bream in the UK

Posted by on May 20, 2019

You never know what to expect especially when you go fishing. This is most true when going to another location for fishing as you never know what will happen. In this case, I ended up going to the Grand Union Canal where the water is muddy (and dirty) but can hold quite a bit of fish in it, particularly wild fish. But what’s interesting is that these waterways are almost 100 years old and stretch for hundreds of miles (or even more kilometers) and hundreds of locks between the English cities of London and Birmingham. A particular canal culture has developed from its inception to its more modern day form to where people leisurely cruise up and down the canal as well as live on the boats varying from a temporary basis (vacations, weekends, etc.) to a permanent basis especially due to the high costs of living in the big cities like London.

canal boats locks waters fishing

As you see, there’s a boat going through the canal lock. It’s actually quite peaceful being out here on the canal waterside while fishing. You get to see all the canal boats go by while waiting for a fish bite.

bream carp wild fish Fische pez peces agua fresca

Just gotta have the fishing rods ready to go!

That’s why I thought it was really interesting and fun to go fishing in the Grand Union Canal while watching the canal boats go back and forth while using the locks to go up and down the canal since certain parts of the water are at different elevation. It wasn’t my first time seeing locks in operation as I’ve seen the Miraflores Locks of the famous Panama Canal nor was it my first time fishing in a canal since I went fishing in the Panama Canal for Peacock Bass and Snook. The big difference was that the Grand Union Canal is not that wide nor deep so the types of fish in there are more restricted to where they are at unless they swim in shoals trying to find food and/or seek protection in numbers.

net bream side view fishing

A good net is a must here as the Bream have small mouths so a hook is easily going to pull out.

I speak of numbers because this is what I ended up with – bream, bream, and more bream!

bream uk english coarse fishing fish canal

A bag full of Bream fish – over 12! Unfortunately, Bream isn’t the best kind of fish to eat and it’s against the law to eat native fish anyways.

catch release bream uk english fishing england canal freshwater fishing

Got handfuls of Bream before all of them were sent back to the water – catch and release!

Unfortunately, none of the carp wanted to take my bait and reveal themselves to the outside world but I take it that the carp that I caught last weekend in the Czech Republic had already did the work for the British Carp. So no need to do double trouble work. But still, it’s hard not to be a little greedy with the Fishing Gods and their blessing of my fish catches. I wanted a fat, wild Carp but I suppose the Fishing Gods already blessed me with big Carp last year.

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