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Funchal, Madeira – another great island in the “middle of nowhere” Atlantic

Posted by on May 24, 2019

Back to the islands! Just like when I was in the Azores, Canaries, and the Balearic Islands. However, in this case I was back to another Portuguese island – Madeira, which is just north of the Canary Islands. Madeira is still far enough from civilization that the Canaries are a bit closer than the Safi coast of Morocco. So that should tell you that they are quite far.

madeira island isla portuguese lands

Like almost all islands out in the ocean, they are blissfully calm with the ocean and the sun. Well, maybe.

But unlike going to the Azores and Canary Islands in the winter, Madeira had its weather change from cold to humid hot and only getting hotter!

marina portugual island fishing cruise boats

The marina in Funchal, Madeira’s biggest city, had a lot of tourists walking out and about.

One place of interest, if you are a football fan, is to go to the CR7 Musuem. CR7 stands for Cristiano Ronaldo and the number 7 meaning his jersey number. Considered one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo came from Funchal, Madeira who decided to give back to his hometown by having a museum with some of his memorabilia and items of personal interest so his fans can partake into his professional and private life. The Real Madrid museum had quite a bit of Ronaldo stuff in there but I think Ronaldo wanted to share with fans because of the amount of hardware that he’s been given over the years has started to pile up. I suppose the solution to that is have a museum which can save a lot of save at home.

ronaldo cristiano museum museo portugal madeira in the city by the ocean

Funchal, Madeira’s most famous person that came from the island – Cristiano Ronaldo! Who has his own museum. Some may say he has a huge ego but I think it’s something for his fans to flock to and say that they went there.

downstairs museum lobby

After you pay the entrance fee, you go downstairs to see the attractions of trophies, statues, pictures, fan stuff, gifts, etc.

Having seen Ronaldo play twice, once in Madrid when he played against Espanyol and once in Camp Nou when Real Madrid and FC Barcelona played in El Clásico, I know that the man can flat out play. He’s one of the two best players in the past decade (alongside Lionel Messi) as both players have seen these two alternate winning trophies such as the Golden Ball and Champions League. The only exception was this past year which went to Luka Modric which didn’t make sense as I felt that the committee wanted to break Ronaldo and Messi’s monopoly since they are the top two kings of football.

happy birthday jersey autographed auto'd gift

Looks like the Real Madrid team signed a jersey for him for his birthday. Although I can’t read whose signatures belong to who… I can kind of read out Marcelo’s signature on there.

european golden shoe boot

Like Messi, Ronaldo has won a lot of Golden Shoe awards. This is awarded every year to the player who has scored the most goals in Europe.

golden ball ballon d'or

Again like Messi, Ronaldo has won the Golden Ball several times. This award is given every year to the best player in the men’s division. It takes into account not just the club statistics but also the player’s statistics for his country. Here the Golden Ball (or also known as the Ballon d’or) is prominently placed before a Cristiano Ronaldo likeness statue in a Juventus FC jersey.

After going to this CR7 museum, I was wondering if Lionel Messi will ever have a museum of his own in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina or maybe at least one in Buenos Aires in order to get more visitors. I know that there is a mini-museum for Messi in Barcelona (sponsored by Adidas) but a major one like Ronaldo’s? We’ll have to see. So far, the FC Barcelona museum might be the biggest one so far to have a quite a collection of Messi’s stuff while Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira’s favorite son, will have his own museum for football fans to flock to in order to see some of his famous trophies, jerseys, and other goodies. I still wonder how dominant FC Barcelona would have become…. only if FC Barcelona decided to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo instead of Ricarod Quaresma. Ronaldo’s CR7 museum would have been even more packed full of stuff!

CR7 Outside Statue

Right outside the entrance of the CR7 Museum, stands a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo himself! However, it doesn’t really look like him and he looks like a goalie with those gold colored hands. It might be better than that ridiculous head statue at the airport though.

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