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Spain – Visiting the Pyrenees

Posted by on July 5, 2019

Due to the climbing temperatures of the summer nuclear heat, I thought it might be a good idea to try to escape the burning weather’s oppression by going inland up into the mountains of the Pyrenees, the mountain range between Spain and France (which has also conveniently been a natural border as well between the two countries and reminded me of Andorra). It’s probably a surprise that I went back to Spain by going to Barcelona but no: no FC Barcelona game this time around, unfortunately. Instead, it’s a natural way to inhale some fresh mountain air and green scenery instead of car smog, buildings, and going shoulder-to-shoulder with other tourists.

The small town that I stayed in was Biescas, right in the Pyrenees mountain range area. It’s a small, quiet town where there is a great view of the mountains and valleys and yes, the weather is a bit cooler in this area during summer compared to other places of Spain where it’s scorching red hot. Higher elevations do help in reducing the heat thanks to the cool air coming down from the mountains.

In Biescas, a quaint little mountain village like any other in Spain, it was quite nice with the dearth of tourists in this part of Spain since places like Barcelona, Madrid, and beach places like Costa del Sol and Mallorca would be overfilling to the brim with nothing but tourist crowds and rising temperatures. But another reason why there weren’t that many people where I was at is because many Spaniards who live inland will generally take their vacations in the summertime to the coastal areas where it’s a lot cooler than inland since Spain is very hilly and/or plateau-like. This causes heat to rise as well as the sun is bearing down heat at a shorter distance especially during the summer unless you get that cool breeze off the mountains. In my opinion, this is a good time to check out the Pyrenees because during other times, there might be a lot of rain and/or snow so it might be harder to visit or you don’t want to visit.

mayor city council small town house office Spanish Spain Pyrenees

This is the Ayuntamiento De Biescas or Biescas City Council. It happens to be placed pretty much in the center of the small town with a water fountain in the middle of it. Nice little place.

church small town

The town has two churches or parishes. This is Iglesia De San Pedro Apostol or the Church of San Peter the Apostle. You can actually see the church’s tower from afar.

Parish of the Savior church faith

The other religious place, the Parish of the Savior.

Biescas Huesca chimney chimneo

Another interesting thing about this town is that some of the older buildings have the old-style chimney like the one on this house. It’s unique to this area.

Tip: The people don’t speak a lot of English so learn Spanish! There is a reason for no English since the locals don’t really see a lot of tourists in these small towns which makes sense unless it’s a tourist spot.

Tip: Spain has a lot of toll roads for some reason so I recommend taking the trains if traveling inland. The rail company in Spain is RENFE which has a website in English as well where you can search the train schedule and buy train tickets. The main train station in Barcelona is Sants station which is not far from Camp Nou. So if you have time, you can do the Camp Nou stadium and FC Barcelona museum tour before you head off to other places of Spain.

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