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Hunting in Jeju Island – Yes! You can hunt Pheasants in Korea!

Posted by on September 30, 2019

This is the first time that I’m on the Korean island of Jeju, a destination where many married Korean couples flock to for their honeymoon. It’s great and all being on the “Korean Hawaii” but I need to do something… more interesting than simply go sightseeing. So after stepping foot on the famous island, I’ve got one goal on my mind: I’m going hunting for some pheasants! Well, it’s more like a pay-to-play hunting place but I still enjoy doing it as they will give you a shotgun, shells, some instructions, and let you have at it. The added bonus of doing it in a foreign country makes it even better if you ask me and it’s been awhile since I’ve gone pheasant hunting. So it was a nice change in harvesting some meat since I’ve been doing quite a bit of fishing in the past few years. It’s time to add in some hunting opportunities to my adventures.

The place that I went to is called Daeyoo Land. In order to do this successfully (especially if this is your first time ever doing something like this), I recommend getting in some shotgun practice prior to doing this trip whether it’s shooting clay pigeons at the trap/skeet range and/or shooting at live birds like quail, morning doves, and pheasants. I’ve done all of that before so I’m good to go especially since I’ve also gone duck, goose, quail hunting in the past which all requiring swinging the gun to make those bird shots count for the dinner table. One more thing that I should add in is the importance of knowing some Korean – the locals don’t speak a lot of English and most of the foreigners that do show up at this famous island are generally Chinese and Japanese tourists. That’s why I think the native islanders mostly cater to mainland Koreans as they are more used to explaining in Korean on what to do since most mainlanders usually don’t know how to shoot or hunt since most Koreans have grown up and/or are living in urban areas in today’s world.

shotgun shooting range trap korea jeju island tourism fun times target shoot

Before going to the hunting area, we get to practice our shooting skills to make sure that we don’t lose any pheasants.

atv motorsports offroading korea korean outdoors

Once done with practice, off to the hunting area… taking the long way via ATV!

So going to Daeyoo Land was more of a process since you cannot just show up and go hunting. No, instead, you have to setup an appointment at least 2 days prior to the day that you want to go. And if it’s raining heavily on that day then forget about it – you have to come back another day. One thing to note is that I thought that there would be a hunting dog involved but due to the heat, they don’t do this kind of hunting until November-February when the weather is a lot cooler. It reminds me of California’s pheasant season during the winter months so it makes sense in a way. Instead, this was more like a Pheasant Tower Shoot but more from the ground level so it wasn’t really hunting despite being a pay-to-play place. But for my friend who came with me, it was a great experience for him as he’s never shot any real live birds – I actually had to hold back on one bird because I was gunning them down too quickly.

loading bullets shells shotgun 12 gauge for pheasant hunting birds korea

It was like a Pheasant Tower Shoot except on the ground. Here I am getting shotgun shells to load up the over-and-under shotgun.

shooting at pheasant in korea asia asian hunting pay to play

If you look closely, I take aim at a pheasant flying up in the air. That’s the hunting area.

Hunting shotgun shooting phesants birds korea South Korea SW Korea southwest Korea Jeju Island Jejudo jeju-do tourism something different uncommon huntin' blast and eat real fun technical ability leading dogs island adventure daeyooland tropical Korean-Hawaii caceria cazar cazadero caza aves pajaros faisanes afuera ambiente armas escopeta balas caminar dar un paseo en Corea del Sur dreams come true single traveler lonewolf achieving dream adventuring pirate NoWomen all free liberty

My friend and I showing off our pheasants after a successful hunt. To me, it wasn’t really hunting but it was great experience overall.

And here’s another great part about shooting pheasants in Daeyoo Land is that the employees there will clean your birds for you! So awesome about it! Why do I say that? Pheasants can be a pain to gut, pluck, and clean so if someone else can do it quicker and more efficiently then great! And if you want to cook your pheasants there then for a fee, it’s possible to cook your pheasants Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese style of broth cooking (kind of like Chinese hot pot cooking).

Pheasant Shabu Shabu meal meat broth korean food hunting hunted afterkill

Here’s what our plate looked like before we started adding in vegetables, mushrooms, the pheasant meat, and later some ramen. It was really nice to have this meal.

pheasant meat dark white shabu shabu japanese style with soup broth korea hunting bird meat cook hunt kill harvest dinner korea jeju hunting tourism

The top plate was white meat coming most likely from the breast area which also cooked the fastest while in the broth. The bottom plate was the dark meat, coming from the legs which took longer to cook in the broth. Either one was great along with the sauce that was given and along with the vegetables and mushrooms given.

Note: I highly recommend bringing someone with you to do this hunting trip because otherwise going solo will cost you double the price as they want a minimum of two people. Also, make sure that other person can speak Korean because the people there don’t really speak English. Unfortunately, that’s just a fact of life but if you like traveling and hunting, you can overcome these obstacles to say that you’ve hunted in KOREA! They provide the guns, ammo, the birds, and land to do it on so go out there and have fun with it.

BIGGEST NOTE OF THEM ALL: When I first arrived at Daeyoo Land, it was not possible to go hunting right away. I’ve stated this above but I’ll say it again: you have to call and make an appointment at least 2 days in advance. I think this is to get everything setup. To go actual pheasant hunting with a dog, the time to do that is during the winter months of November to February.


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