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Fishing in Jeju Island

Posted by on October 1, 2019

Another thing that you can do on the island of Jeju, a destination where many married Korean couples flock to for their honeymoon (and you can avoid!), is that you can go fishing! Yep, while other tourists do their married couple or whatever couple thing, I’ll take it to the seas and try my luck in the waters to see if the fish will bite.

Most of the people in Jeju either fish off of the boats or off the harbor walls or even take a boat to a secluded spot on one of the smaller islands to try their luck. But as always, a boat is the best way to catch fish because if the fish are not there, then you can move to where the fish are at. I know there are a lot of non-Korean speaking people who have inquired about if there are fishing opportunities available on the island of Jeju. The answer is that there are! However, it’s quite difficult to do it unless you know Korean or know someone who knows the language. But if your heart, mind, and spirit are set on fishing, then obviously, you can find our way in achieving your goal.

The best way to go fishing while on the island of Jeju is go west which was where I went. The place to go to? Gosan-ri, which is a small town with a marina. It’s best that you have a car because I don’t think public transportation will take you there on time and efficiently.

map of where fishing is

There are other places to go fishing on the island of Jeju but I ended up going to this place to fish, on the western part of the island.

fishing sign up restaurant food meals korea jeju fishing boats western part

Ended up going to this building where you can sign up for fishing and later have your fish prepared for eating. Fishing is generally for about 1.5-2 hours starting at 10:00 AM at 2 hour intervals. There is night fishing but this is dependent on the season and what’s biting.

Once you’ve signed up for fishing and you are on the fishing boat, sit back and relax until you get to the fishing grounds. Depending on what you are fishing for, this might take a long time or a short time. For me, it was a short distance as most of the fish being caught were a variety of reef fish (small pint-sized fish not worth keeping) and mackerels. I must thrown out a lot of small fish which were mostly mackerels. What was funny was that other fishermen were getting annoyed with ability to fish successfully even though they were mostly tiny ones. My friend, however, ending up catching a real nice-sized fish that looked like a Jack that I caught in the Azores which surprised all the other people on the boat and ended up making them even more annoyed at our continued success.

marina fishing jeju gosan-ri south korea waters saltwater catch release keep

Leaving the marina to the fishing grounds. Time to catch some fish! The boat provides the rods and bait. However, the bait really sucked as thawed shrimp was used and wasn’t exactly the best staying on the hooks.

bucket of fish for eating korea korean fishing ocean salt water fun times how to go charter boat

It’s not a full bucket since I threw out all the small ones back into the water, but we had enough fish meat there for a meal.

If you like eating fish, then you go into the restaurant where for a price, the people inside will cook your fish in a spicy stew and cut up your fish for sashimi (raw fish but no rice like sushi).

fish korea sashimi plate jeju saltwater fishes raw meat

The first plate that came out was the sashimi. We had three different species on the plate. Surprisingly, the Mackerel sashimi was actually pretty good. And here was the best part about the Sashimi – why bother buying it in the market when you can catch it and save money? You also know where it comes from and have fun out of it!

korean fishing for fishmeat for spicy soup stew dish restaurant cookpot

And here was the Spicy fish stew. It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it was but pretty good since the stew had fresh fish in it.

Note: Without a boat, the fishing can be quite a challenge as the locals know what they are doing but even then, as I’ve observed them – they didn’t really catch that much. I’m sure they do catch fish but for a beginner, it’s probably best to go on a fishing boat.

Note: Knowing Korean is important on this island that even English is somewhat or rarely spoken. The captain of this fishing boat DID NOT speak any English. Only Korean. So keep that in mind. However, fishing is fishing and that is universal.

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