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Fishing and Crabbing combo trip out of the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by on November 24, 2019

Dungeness Crab season is here! And I have to say that Dungeness is probably the best tasting crab out there out of all the crab species! By steaming them to a nice red color, they have the plumpest and juiciest crab meat of them all. And that’s why I was out there to go on a crab boat to get my fill, my limit!

Yes, you can buy Dungeness Crab at the supermarket or at certain marina piers but I prefer to do the fishing/crabbing combos. Get a 2-for-1 special out of this arrangement which is wayyyyy cheaper as well. As of this writing in 2019, Dungeness Crab was selling at about $19-20 per pound meaning that 1 crab would cost about $25-30. The daily Dungeness Crab limit in California is 10 crabs per person so I’m basically catching about $250-300 of Crab!

As for the fishing aspect of it… it was kind of a huge letdown after all the other previous great fishing that I’ve done. To me, I looked at the rockfishing as more of practice than anything else. And then again, something can always take your hook like this fish here…

vermilion red rock fish snapper

I caught this big Vermilion Rockfish out of nowhere before the crabbing started.

Tip: The best time to go crabbing is BEFORE the commercial crab season starts which makes the crabbing a lot easier and quicker to get limits even on party boats. Otherwise, you might be out there longer than expected. Dungeness Crab season is usually November – May; Dungeness Crab is best when caught during the early months of the season (November, December, January) because the crabs tend to fatten up during the winter months. But in my opinion, best is November – early December. The later months can produce crabs but the problem is that by April-May, the crabs are not as meaty. Summer time is when the crabs begin preparations for spawning which means they begin molting as well which explains their less-than-ideal-meat-ratio compared to the winter months.


Queen of Hearts fishing boat

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