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Pig Hunting in Central California

Posted by on November 28, 2019

I’ve hunted wild pigs in California before with the first hunt ending within 15 minutes after quickly spotting and shooting a good quality pig (a little over 200 pounds), but I figure the Hunting Gods will require me to do additional work this time around as they won’t be so lenient to me like the Fishing Gods have this year. Then again, I might get lucky on this pig hunt but always, it’s better that I put in some extra time of target practice with my trusty 30-06 (caliber) hunting rifle to ensure the accuracy of my flying bullets. I wanted to be extra sure that I would hit my target if I spotted a good-sized wild pig.

And guess what?

The Hunting Gods have provided again!

Of course, there was a bit of work required meaning that my guide and I had to drive around looking around in these wide-open spaces…

Herd of pigs feeding sunny hunting cali california paso robles central

Because of the cold morning, these pigs were feeding in the sun to get warm. It took awhile to find these pigs and they immediately got spooked and ran away once they saw my guide and I coming up on them.

wild pigs running fleeing escaping escape fugaz cerdo salvaje cazar caceria

And like all wild animals, they get scared at the sight of humans so they’ll run for it. There was one point where I had a shot but they kept running so fast, that it wasn’t worth it.

But within 2.5 hours, I was done. With just one shot, the bullet found its true aim and the pig was done. Time to get some baby back ribs and lots of sausage!

Successful pig hunt aftermath euro european pig species hunting california outdoors

After following the herd of pigs and then going ahead of them in order to cut them off, I got a great chance to take my shot at one of the pigs. I quickly set up and let one stand broadside until I slowly pulled the trigger. The pigs run but this one eventually dropped and now I have wild pig meat!


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