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Washington Capitals vs San Jose Sharks – watch the visiting team, not the home team play

Posted by on December 4, 2019

Just like the last time that I went to a NHL hockey game, particularly a San Jose Sharks game, I went to go see the other team play. In this case, I went to go see the visiting Washington Capitals who happen to be in first place in their division and have a future Hall of Famer player in their ranks: Alexander Ovechkin. Two years ago, the Capitals finally got over the hump by winning the Stanley Cup thus breaking the championship drought. It was thought that “Ovi” or “the Great Eight” (his nicknames) was only missing one thing in his resume: a Stanley Cup.

Capitals team warming up in SAP center former Stanley cup winner ice hockey eastern conference team

This Capitals team won the Stanley Cup just 2 years ago so they still some firepower as shown by leading their conference in points this season so far. Another reason why to show up early: to watch the players warm up.

Well, he finally did it. I actually saw Ovechkin play in his younger days as a rookie but at the time, I didn’t know who he was at the time despite him being highly regarded. So this time around, I can rectify my memory of him playing in front of me. And even though Ovechkin didn’t score, his teammates did all the damage to the Sharks.

Alex Ovechkin alexander russian player hockey skating moving winning play in california

Alexander Ovechkin, one of the best players in the NHL, looked to score but mostly made great passes to his teammates in this game. They ended up doing all of the damage against the Sharks.

Capitals win the faceoff against the Sharks

The Sharks most of the face-offs but couldn’t win the most important aspect of all: the score. However, here, the Capitals win the face-off.

One interesting thing about the Sharks is that I’ve never seen so many opposing team fans at the arena. I think because the team is doing so badly compared to the earlier years that tickets are more readily available. Another thing that I’ve noticed is the sheer number of open seats in the arena meaning fans (when their home team is getting blown out) are heading out the door much earlier than the game’s end. Couple this with more opposing fans being more prevalent and it looks like the home fans are outnumbered due to the empty seats.

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