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Going for that elusive Sturgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by on December 14, 2019

This is a fish that is not easy to catch: Sturgeon. I tried a few times in the SF Bay Area as well as once in the Czech Republic but I generally only caught other fish species. So to go after this rare, hard-to-catch prehistoric-looking fish was going to be a challenge. Their numbers are not great and abundant as they used to be in the past due to being over-fished as well as they require long periods of time in order to grow up to be of breeding age so any Sturgeon that is caught over 100 pounds is considered to be a trophy. There are history reports that people have caught Sturgeon that were over 1000 pounds but who knows what the real truth was back then. So to me, anything over 50 pounds is good enough for me.

Off into the night for Sturgeon. Never know when the fish might go…

On this trip, I was hopeful that this was going to be the day to take down another bucket item.

One Sturgeon! One Sturgeon!

That’s all I ask of! And I get one within a few hours! Yessss!

sturgeon Acipenseridae long-lived, late-maturing fishes with distinctive characteristics fishing fisherman

Not a big one but it was my first one so the bucket list item got crossed off. The night was still young so never know what the next fish might become.

Problem was that the fish was too small so it had to be released so off it went and back into the abyss of the black water.

But i was not worried as the Fishing Gods have blessed me with dumptrucks loaded with luck… again. i land an even bigger fish and this one was a KEEPER!

sturgeon bay area SF california san francisco fishing night time dark conditions

My next Sturgeon on the hook was a 50 pound fighter. Obviously, there are bigger Sturgeon out there but to me, as the second one, was big enough for a challenge. The key is to keep reeling because we can only use barb-less hooks meaning that once the tension is off, then the fish could spit the hook out.

But nevertheless the bucket list item was crossed off.

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