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San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons – American Football Game

Posted by on December 15, 2019

If people are not into the fishing experience that is available in the Bay Area, then watching an American football game can be quite an experience especially if you’re used to real football known, not soccer. American football is basically a religion in certain parts in the United States that some people say that it has already dominated the country. The biggest league, the NFL (National Football League), is considered to already own one of the week: Sunday, the day that most NFL games are played with some games played on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.

home of San Francisco 49ers Santa Clara California Bay Area SFbay SF NFL team pacific west coast

Unlike in Germany where Bundesliga games would provide free public transportation via tickets, the USA does not provide the same services unfortunately. And parking and traffic can be a complete nightmare. So before going to any NFL game, make sure you do your research on how to get to the stadium and back.

However, this kind of football is not the kind that is popular all around the world as American football as it involves actual tackling, hitting people, lots of equipment, and actual specialization of each position. Unlike in football, where players could swap on the field from defender to midfield to forward, American football has certain positions where that is not possible or very difficult. Generally, players are either on offense, defense, or special teams. I won’t go into the specifics of the game, but I call it a very tactical view of playing a sport. Or if you’d like, go with my friend’s quick assessment of the game: hike the ball, play for 7-8 seconds (average length of each play), stand around for 20-30 seconds, and do it all over again until time runs out.

The San Francisco bay area has two NFL teams but one of them, the Oakland Raiders, is leaving to move to Las Vegas, which will leave the San Francisco 49ers as the lone NFL team. The 49ers team has had major success in the 1980s and 1990s winning 5 Super Bowls, and the Super Bowl is the only championship title that actually matters in American football. Winning your division or conference or awards does not mean anything; teams and players are judged on their Super Bowl wins. That’s why some players who are not great regular season players will garner attention all because they have a Super Bowl ring, which is given to Super Bowl winners. That’s why the San Francisco 49ers are in search of their 6th Super Bowl ring and despite San Francisco being part of their team name, the team actually plays in Santa Clara which is about 40 kilometers south of San Francisco proper.

big large enormous US American flag unfurled unrolled during national anthemn NFL game football

Foreigners might find this weird but the United States anthem is played before each and every game. This includes other sporting events as well so don’t think it’s a superiority thing or not when it comes to countries. It’s more of a reminder of how sports have grown over the years from the United States’s early years… that’s what I think.

After staying for so long at Candlestick Park (and whatever names came after it), the team moved to Levi’s Stadium because the leadership wanted the team to be closer to their headquarters which happened to be in the South Bay. But in reality, I think the team wanted more money so the team made the move.

49ers defense line linebackers levi's stadium niners

It’s 11 on 11 like football except these guys wear pads and everyone has their technical specialty and/or place in the field. A lot of its tactics based but remember, this is the professional level so there are no easy players or teams to pick on. Here, the 49ers defense is up against the Falcons’s offense.

huddle offense 49ers nfl football american game sporting event sports green field large expensive arena

You’ll see this quite often as teams will huddle up before starting play. This is where the quarterback will say which play or tactic that they will execute. And on a team, that requires all 11 players to know their role and place on the field.

Note: After the 5th or 6th week of the regular season, the NFL will go into what is called Flex Scheduling and move times of certain games but only for Sunday games. It’s like in the football (soccer) leagues in Europe where games will be rescheduled to have certain games become the primetime ones as well as to fit in all the other competitions going on. It’s even worse with the all scheduling traffic that comes with a major top-tier club that wins, wins, and wins some more. For example, I remember when FC Barcelona won 6 major trophies in one calendar year that they were jam-packed loaded with games and games: La Liga, La Copa del Rey, Champions League, summer games, La Supercopa, European Super Cup, and finally FIBA Club World Cup. There were a lot of re-scheduled games in that year! But American Football is a bit different that most games are set.

So the best advice is that you should double-check the times in case they have changed especially if you have already bought and/or have tickets in hand. Just know that the best candidates for these games are when both teams are really good and have serious playoff implications. So if you have tickets for a game that feature non-playoff destined teams late in the season, then there’s a good chance the game won’t be flexed.

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