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Even during quarantine, you can still go out to find things to do

Posted by on August 1, 2020

The whole world has been greatly affected by the global pandemic that plagues us to where many travelers are unable to travel like they used to. All of us are affected in one way, shape or form. However, in these odd times, there is a silver lining IF you are willing to look for it. Fishing is one hobby, one pastime that can be safely performed in an era of “social distancing” due to the potential of this plague.

In the past few months, fishing has been my go-to activity in my attempts to break the monotony and boredom of just sitting around at home. From the pictures below, you can see that I’ve been doing my best to lead others that they too, can do something fun adventuring locally!

sturgeon legal size fish river california east bay fish fishing la pesca pescar cali delta

I landed the sturgeon after getting tangled with someone else’s line (he also had a sturgeon on!). This was a legal-sized keeper sturgeon.

halibut california bay area south sf san francisco oakland emeryville fishing la pesca pescar angeln

Got a nice-sized halibut on a difficult day of slow fishing. It’s part of fishing!

limits halibuts halibut potato patch fishing california golden gate bridge cali sf bay san francisco

In what was supposed to be a salmon trip, turned into a halibut trip because of the slow bite. So instead of trolling for several hours of (maybe) a potential salmon bite, became a banner halibut day. Got my 3 halibut limit!

5 pound rockfish vermillion double rockfishes deep water pescar oceanico oceano pacifico half moon bay

Also landed a chunky Vermillion Rockfish in what turned out to be the biggest fish of the day. Also got a bonus Black Rockfish to hook up with the Vermillion.

16 pound king salmon chinook ocean salmonfishing trolling california

After blanking on a few salmon trips, I finally get mine! A 16 pounder!

salmon hard difficult picky choosy half moon bay mori point pacifica

On a difficult, slow day, I got 2 bites in the first 2 hours. The first was a shaker (too small to be legal) and then this one, a 6 pounder, to start and end my salmon fishing day.

Due to all the laws, rules, restrictions, and common sense, a lot of fishing boats have put a maximum amount of people allowed to go fishing. this means that the cost of fishing has gone up (in order to capture some of the revenues/profits). However, the silver lining is this: there are less people meaning less lines, less tangles, less competition, and better quality of service. Instead of 1 deckhand per 20 people, it’s down to 1 deckhand per 10-12 people. So this means that the deckhand can watch everything far better with a less distracted eye.

Some people have clamored for this to be the norm going forward even after the plague because of the higher quality and far less pressure to out-catch your neighbors. It also allows more space to maneuver so it feels as if it’s not shoulder-to-shoulder fishing like it used to be. There pros and cons but if you are looking for something fun to do locally, then fishing can be one of them!



Dragonsport Fishing (sturgeon, salmon, halibut)

Fish Emeryville (rockfish, halibut, striped bass, salmon, crab/fish combo, some sturgeon)

Queen of Hearts (rockfish, salmon, crab/fish combo, very rarely if around: squid and tuna)

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