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Fishing for Coho Salmon in Western Washington

Posted by on September 30, 2020

Even during times of a pandemic, you can still plan and safely execute your travel dreams by doing what you are supposed to be doing according to all expert health advice out there. That’s why I was able to go to Western Washington to get some great salmon fishing in!

silver salmon coho washington forks sol duc river drift boat fishing

A success on the first day fishing! 3 Coho Salmon. Could have more but the previous day was so muddy that it was starting to clear out. But out here, you’re fishing off of a drift boat so you can get to places where the fish will be at. The key is to keep casting and casting either with spinners or jigs to piss off the fish to induce a bite.

fisherman western washington forks woods nature drift boat fishing spinning jigging jigs spincasting salmon freshwater

The second day was an even better day as the waters really cleared up and I could see a lot of fish swimming upstream. I let a few go because they were foul-hooked, native (can only keep hatchery), or cannot keep (can’t keep Sockeyes and I caught one!). Got my limit of Cohos here!

The key to fishing for salmon in freshwaters is to be persistent which is cast over and over again. You have to piss off the fish to make them activate their fish instinct into biting your hook or lure. That’s what I did back in New York fishing for salmon and steelhead so I knew the game plan when I went to Washington.

And next time, I’m going to fish more days and bring a cooler. I got a ton of fish meat for this trip!



Larry Ford

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