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Yes, there is a risk with bringing a girl with you on a trip…

I was trying to sleep yesterday and then all of a sudden, I get wakened up by a quarreling couple. American, no doubt by understanding the English words being thrown around like knives at each other. I could clearly hear them, determining that this couple was either in the same apartment complex or next door. … Continue reading »

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Why do men have to play video games? Is it cheaper and better than going on a date? 50 reasons why men prefer video games over girls

I’m sure in regards to the “Why men have to watch sports” post I put up – there’s something else out there that has to pose this question of: Why do men have to play video games? I’ve actually thought of this question before (and not just in the last post) because in the past, … Continue reading »

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Trying to hit on an Australian girl in Colombia

Yes, yes. I am a man after all. I did try this one time in Colombia of all places in my attempt to sweet-talk a nice, good-looking blond girl from Perth, Australia. I can’t remember her name. I think it was Jaime or Jessie, but I met her during the scuba diving trip while in … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving in Colombia

Several years back at around this time of October, I decided that I was going to take the leap of faith and go to South America. It didn’t matter where, just somewhere. I think I took a dart and just threw it at a world map and it hit Colombia’s northern coast. That was where … Continue reading »

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Peruvian coffee – Villarica brand; these bags could be given as gifts for a date

Well, I went to the nearby supermarket and snagged 3 bags of Villarica coffee in chocolate and gourmet flavors. The last time I was here in Peru, I ended up buying 4-5 bags of the gourmet brand but this time I wanted to change it up since these bags are going to be given to … Continue reading »

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