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Monaco – The rich and the famous Monte Carlo Casino

Well, there is one place that became very famous due to the James Bond movies and it’s Monaco. Yes, it is its very own country despite being one of the smallest countries in the world. One of the great things about being in Nice, the French Riviera, is the chance to go to Monaco which … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Jordan

Jordan has the bordering unique Dead Sea which claims has therapeutic, health properties. Whether this is true or not, the Dead Sea does have a higher salt content than regular ocean water does so maybe there is some truth to it. That’s why I recommend buying some Dead Sea products as they are a “one … Continue reading »

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Salzburg, Austria

Being close to Munich, another good destination to travel to is Salzburg, Austria although it’s probably better to fly there (if coming from another location) or better yet, take the train from Munich to Salzburg. You almost don’t recognize the difference when crossing country borders as both countries speak the same language, German, and their … Continue reading »

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Stonehenge: Overrated. Bath, England: Underrated

You can do both locations in the same day from London as they are pretty close to each other but the first site is an obvious attraction or tourist trap depending on how you look at it… all for a pile of rocks. It kind of looks like a bowl… where people can get high … Continue reading »

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Peru does in fact have wine / Sí, Perú hace vino

I’m not much of a wine drinker but I did find out that Peru does in fact produce wine. It has some versions that are quite sweet, not strong, so I suppose there will be people who will like this stuff. I found these wines during a stop after seeing the Nazca Lines and bought … Continue reading »

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