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Tagged With: Economy issues

Sports tourism? Yes, it exists

I was in the gym yesterday playing basketball and overheard a group of guys talking about the Los Angeles Clippers and their addition of Chris Paul, one of the best players in the NBA, and how they are going to be VERY good. Some of the guys even stated that they were thinking of traveling … Continue reading »

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Violence of Black Friday – pepper spray, shootings, robbery, fights

Instead of staying out in the cold and dark like a lot of people did on the night of November 24, 2011, I went right to bed not caring about the deals that the mega-stores were having. More than anything, I wanted to go fishing out on the Pacific Ocean but instead I got a … Continue reading »

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Absurdity of Black Friday: the reasons

I always get a kick out of Black Friday every year. It’s always that Friday after Thanksgiving where retail stores across the nation give out big deals, rebates, discounts, and/or free stuff in order to start off the official Christmas shopping season. That’s why every Friday after Thanksgiving, you can expect to drive up to … Continue reading »

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Empty movie theaters?

Just as I wrote about not watching as many movies as I did in the past, I came upon this article on Why Movie Watchers Are Abandoning the Multiplex (new window will open for link) The author goes into detail why it’s not because of high ticket prices, bad economy, or bad movie content … Continue reading »

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I stopped watching movies to invest in other areas of my life

Yes, I have done it! As of this year of 2011, I have not seen that many movies in their entirely. I think I’ve seen more movies in the airplane than sitting down in a theater this year! Then again… even last year, I think I saw a total of 10 movies. I’ve decided that … Continue reading »

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